Saturday, November 19, 2016

Party Over Country

The liberals are looking for any way to change the results of this election, including throwing out the rules of the Constitution we have lived under for over 240 years. Dam the Constitution, as long as the Democratic party prevails. Party over country. The same policy the Republicans have been using for decades. The same excuse the Republicans explain why they refuse to vote on a Supreme Court Justice the president has nominated, leaving the country with only 8 Supreme Court Justices for far to long. As long as the party prevails it doesn't matter what harm is done to the country, or the Constitution. All elected officials have sworn to uphold the Constitution, but now, both parties will ignore their sworn oaths for the betterment of their own party's goals. They should ALL be impeached for breaking their oaths. If we accept ignoring the law, that's when we lose our freedoms. If you cried foul when the Supreme Court appointed Bush to the presidency, how in the Hell can you support an unconstitutional move to change the results of a fair election?

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