Monday, February 20, 2017

Dervish's Truths

A few headlines of posts on Dervish's blogs:


Melania Trump Is A Russian Spy & Husband Donald Is Cultivated Asset! (Confirmed 100% Factual)

Paul Ryan Worships Satan! (As Do Many In The Incoming Trump Administration, Including Trump Himself)

Heil, Herr Trump, Our Possible Future Führer

Donald Trump, Founder Of American ISIS

A comment by Dervish left on Swash Zone: 

Dervish Sanders 5:22 PM, December 05, 2016 


Hillary Clinton Will Die Shortly After Being Elected President, Making Tim Kaine POTUS #46

Donald Trump Says That As President He Might Have Hillary Clinton Deported

Donald Trump Will Be An Illegitimate President


Dervish is one of the leaders of the "nut job" crowd. Along with RN, Ducky, Shaw, the Dog, and other great thinkers.  He still claims I'm 8 other people even though those comments don't match my comments at all. He still claims I'm pro Trump, which anyone can see who reads my blog, is such a lie, it's funny. He still sends my blog 100's of vile comments and I can't forget the multiple death threats he sends me. He claims he is a Christian, laughable! But go ahead believe his lies! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

Thanks for the information TOM. That explains why this Dervish idiot became to believe this crap, but it doesn't explain his psychopathic, criminal behavior.  



From RN's blog today, RN said:

"Trump is so unliked by the majority of Americans he is even being compared to the Roman Emperor Caligula. We here at this weblog find the comparison quite apt in several ways."


So add Caligula to these idiot's description of Trump. WOW!!