Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond was one of the greatest musical acts of the last half of the 20th century and still around today. Given the talent and great music created during that time, that says a lot. The awards for him keep adding up. Known for signature songs that Americans love. A song writer that made other bands famous recording his songs.

I chose the following from one of his earlier (6th studio release) albums, "Tap Root Manuscript." Diamond's expression of an African sound. It's called, "The African Trilogy." Released in 1970. This is the whole "B" side of that album. The "A" side had his hits like "Free Life" and "Cold Water Morning", and "Cracklin' Rosie."

This would be considered outside of the popular songs Diamond was famous for, but I think it's an example of his musical genius. This man has been a big hit for over 50 years. Check out his music! 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Desperate Are The Deplorable

The mourning after the election the liberals shut down their blogs and comment sections. My troll (Dervish Sanders) posted he would quit blogging. It was the biggest example of political crybabies ever in American politics.
A few days later the liberal blogs were up and posting again, but they would not post comments, I guess because they could not handle the, "I told you so!" My troll Dervish Sanders did not quit blogging (no surprise) just another lie from the troll. Instead Dervish went on a rampage of vile comments and more death threats to me. I put an end to my troll Dervish Sanders and his almost 1,000 comments and multiple death threats. Anyone who wants to comment on this blog must send their comments by email and I will post them. The troll Dervish Sanders was afraid to expose his email and I haven't heard from him since. I knew he would be to chicken to give his email.
The cries of Trump is Hitler, which started even before the Republican primaries started, became not only worse after the election, but a talking point for the party that lost the election (Democrats). Just another example of the hate coming out of the Clinton campaign. It's an insult of the highest magnitude to Holocaust victims and survivors everywhere to compare Trump to Hitler, but these liberals know no bounds.
The Democrats (Clinton) couldn't even get their vote out, and they wonder why. Their hate was obvious. Stabbing Bernie in the back after he had been nothing but a gentleman during the primaries showed Americans what they thought of Hillary, was correct.
The nastiness by her supporters was spread all over the country, especially on the blogs. My personal example of being attacked was just another out of 100's of thousands.
Hillary ran on the Obama agenda, not her own, even though all the polls were saying Americans wanted a change.You have got to be bad if you can't even beat a bigot like Trump.
Then the street protests, and of course the violence. People got shot!
Then the attack on the Electoral College provision of the Constitution. I wonder why the Democrats didn't do something about that after the 2000 election? Anyways, it was not only the trait of a crybaby, but truly stating they would not abide by the Constitutional process. An anti-American stance. if there ever was one.
Now they have a recount in Wisconsin and hope to have recounts in at least two other States. They have raised 5-1/2 million dollars to a needed 7 million dollars to have these recounts done. Their money would be better spent on trying to stop Trumps legislative moves, or pay Electoral College voters to change their vote. The recounts will not change a thing and there was no rigged election. Democrats lost the election by their bumbling and hate filled behavior, not to mention their very poor candidate.
The Democrats have a righteous complaint about the type of people Trump is appointing, but this is no surprise, especially to the millions who voted to make Trump president. When Democrats decide to quit crying and denouncing the Constitution of the United States, and fight, then Americans might listen. Nobody likes a crybaby, especially mean spirited crybabies that refuse to accept the law of the land. The law we have lived by since 1789. These Democratic desperate are the deplorable.
Trump has no mandate, as the Trump campaign is saying. The simple fact that he lost the majority vote proves that, but Republicans swept the election all over the country. Governors, Mayors, Congress positions Senate positions, State legislators, etc., was a huge Republican election win.
So far Trump has shown us the worst of his decision making abilities. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General is an example. Dr. Ben Carson for Housing and Urban development? Dr. Carson said himself last week he does not have the ability to head up any federal department, which is quite obvious.
Today Trump said the almost 2 million votes Clinton is leading by, those votes are all cast by illegal voters. To have such an obvious liar as president, is dangerous. To have such an obvious bigot as president, is dangerous.
Democratic hate, nastiness, and bumbling gave us president Trump. That hate will only build with Trump as president for four years, or possibly eight years as recent history shows a typical presidential term. The politics of hate started by the Republicans will only get worse bolstered by the hate filled Democrats.
The people will suffer starting in a few months. The first 100 days of a Trump administration is set to end help for those who need help the most in our country.
The founding documents write about the people, not corporations. The words company, corporation, business, capitalists, or capitalism are not mentioned in those documents, which are our guide on making decisions for our legislators.
So on with your strategy of hate Democrats, I won't be joining that garbage effort.     

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


"Stardust" was one of the favorite songs of the 20th century. Composed in 1927 by Hoagy Carmichael with lyrics added in 1929 by Mitchell Parish. Just about every musician has recorded this song. It also became popular as an instrumental tune, notably by many sax players, early big bands, and jazz bands.

This is the great composer Hoagy Carmichael playing his song "Stardust" on the piano and his vocal version of Mitchell Parish's words. Hoagy originally called the song "Star Dust."

This next version is perhaps the most famous version of "Stardust." Sung by the great Nat King Cole.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Party Over Country

The liberals are looking for any way to change the results of this election, including throwing out the rules of the Constitution we have lived under for over 240 years. Dam the Constitution, as long as the Democratic party prevails. Party over country. The same policy the Republicans have been using for decades. The same excuse the Republicans explain why they refuse to vote on a Supreme Court Justice the president has nominated, leaving the country with only 8 Supreme Court Justices for far to long. As long as the party prevails it doesn't matter what harm is done to the country, or the Constitution. All elected officials have sworn to uphold the Constitution, but now, both parties will ignore their sworn oaths for the betterment of their own party's goals. They should ALL be impeached for breaking their oaths. If we accept ignoring the law, that's when we lose our freedoms. If you cried foul when the Supreme Court appointed Bush to the presidency, how in the Hell can you support an unconstitutional move to change the results of a fair election?

Friday, November 18, 2016

The Dave Clark Five

                                                        The Dave Clark Five

                                                       First, "Bits and Pieces."
                                                       Second, "Glad All Over."

The Dave Clark Five - A British group that first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show just 3 weeks after the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964. They had multiple big hits and rivaled the Beatles. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, 2008. Tom Hanks gave the induction speech and described the music of The Dave Clark Five and the effect the band had on America. You have to check out their music!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tommy Edwards

This was Mr. Edwards biggest singing hit released in 1958. "It's All in the Game." Mr. Edwards was a singer/songwriter. Most of his songs were made big hits by other singers. He wrote, "A Fool Such as I", "Hey There Lonely Girl", "Please Love me Forever". and "Mourning Side of the Mountain."

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Electoral College Instruction

The Founders intended to place a brake on popular opinion alone by the choice of electors who might deliberate on the choice of a chief executive. This is merely one example of the numerous checks and balances throughout the Constitution that imprint it everywhere as a compact between states and as a representative democracy rather than a pure democracy based on population alone.
It also is true that with the rise of formal political parties, unforeseen by the Founders, the Electoral College ceased to function in one of its intended purposes, that of deliberation and choice apart from the popular vote by states.
However, stating that the Electoral College was a demand of Southern states and that the “infamous deal” of the three-fifths clause was part of this bargain to maintain Southern supremacy was in error. The three-fifths clause was offered not by a Southerner but by James Wilson of Pennsylvania and related primarily to taxation — that is, determining taxes to be paid to the federal government by the states based on population as a measure of wealth. In fact, reviewing the history of this clause and how the formula was arrived at demonstrates this. Counting slaves as three-fifths in fact decreased the representation of Southern states in the House of Representatives.
Further, the Electoral College is a reflection of the constitutional compromise where one house of the legislative body is elected by population while the Senate represents the states in their equality. Again, this compromise originated in the insistence by small states, regardless of region, to be equally represented. Had this been otherwise, would the New England states, whose population at the time was already less than the state of New York, have agreed to such a formula? Maryland, poised between North and South and whose role in the Constitution was frequently key, was one of the authors of this compromise, just as she was the originator of the non-establishment clause that guaranteed separation of church and state.
The states represent different interests, both regional and economic, and the Electoral College is an attempt to guarantee a national basis for the selection of a chief executive. The Constitution never could have been ratified without this essential compromise, and the difficulty of amending it is just another brake to be sure hasty and ill-considered changes are hard to achieve.
Whenever the popular and the Electoral College votes diverge, as they apparently do in this latest election, there is a focus on this “undemocratic” institution. But consider in this latest election how the very smallest change in votes in a few key states — such as Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania — would have tipped the election the other way.
In a nation of this size, the percentage of difference between the two candidates is really miniscule; regardless of the fact that, mathematically, such a difference — about ½ of 1 percent in this instance — represents about 500,000 votes.
Perhaps those disgruntled by the result of the election should reflect on their candidate’s seeming inability to achieve a fuller turnout of their supporters or other flaws rather than immediately resorting to an attack on our political institutions.
It is quite possible for the states to require their electors to reflect their individual state’s popular vote, but to abolish the system for a pure popular vote removes a protection for minority rights which is found repeatedly throughout the Constitution as we have it.
Would we truly want large regional majorities from the two coasts to alone choose our president? The system of checks and balances left to us by the Founders is the surest guarantee of protecting minority rights that we have.
Elections come and go and parties rise and fall, but the Constitution survives. Let us remember that.

J. Craig Scherf of Duluth, MN - Historical researcher

If we eliminate the Electoral College we will never have another presidential candidate campaign in a small State and the presidency will always be decided by California, New York, and other large population States. That will of course make legislation biased towards California and other large population States. It's the height of arrogance and egotism that today's liberal sore losers think they know better than the founding fathers.    

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Red Neck Nation Votes

Similar to Truman's win, all the polls and news outlets had Clinton winning right up to and including election day. They all got it wrong.
Trump won the Electoral College, but lost the popular vote. It's a stipulation of the Constitution that the Electoral College elects the president, not the popular vote. We have lived with that legal reality for over 240 years. Yet, the crybaby liberals refuse to accept Trump as the legal and fair winner. That's funny given the liberals were screaming about Trump possibly not accepting Clinton as the fair winner, if she won. So the liberals are now acting like Trump, funny.
There is a strategy by liberals to change the Electoral College vote before the Electoral College meets and votes on December 19th. The liberals need to change the vote of 37 Electoral College voters to have Clinton declared president. Good luck with that.
The mathematical possibility that the winner of the most votes would lose the Electoral College has always existed, but it has only happened a few times in the history of our country. The Democrats expressed sour grapes after the 2000 election, but never moved to amend the Constitution and eliminate the Electoral College. Now many (including the ex AG Eric Holder) are calling for amending the Constitution and eliminating the Electoral College. The problem of course, is gerrymandering, which the Democrats could change easier than amending the Constitution, which takes the approval of 2/3's of the States, both the Senate and the House, and of course the presidents signature. The cries of an illegitimate election are false and just a reaction by sore losers.
The difference between a Trump administration and an Obama administration could not be more diametrically opposed. The personal styles and presentation of Obama compared to Trump are as different as night and day. Obama is an intellectual with class and probably the best oratory skills of any president including Kennedy. Trump is nothing more than a carnival barker with the oratory of a bar fly drunk and the morals of a 19th century bigot.
So how could half of our 21st century people vote for such 19th century vulgarity and bigotry? We have to admit that over the last 50 years our oral and visual utterances have become more vulgar, for a mixture of reasons, including court decisions of free speech and social norms. As we allow the coarsening of our speech and visuals, we forgot that responsibility has to be part of our Constitutional rights. It's not enough to simply accept that people can say, show, and do whatever they want without a counter voice of responsible speech and images. I'm not talking about legal constraints, but people's acceptance of what is publicly acceptable. I'm not talking about legal censorship, but personal censorship, especially when it comes to our children. To me, the most biting political ad I saw was Clinton's ad showing children watching Trump on TV uttering his vulgar oratory. If Trump had been in a school talking to children, he would have been asked to leave. Yet, it's OK to allow that kind of oral vulgarity to enter our living rooms, because he is on TV? We created this monster through our acceptance of past political and social deterioration of oral and visual vulgarity. We reject our authorities using censorship, so here we are.      
The bigotry and racism is something we have tried to suppress with some success, but humans are flawed. Bigotry and racism are learned traits, and it appears many of our parents are teaching traits we publicly claim to abhor. This proves to me that legislation to curb bigotry and racism is needed and we need more. There is a difference between personal and public behavior. I wish the rejection of people would be enough to suppress such vile words, or behavior, but we know it's not. The hypocrites that call themselves liberals have to take some responsibility for the excessive vulgarity in society, that this election has proven to be acceptable.
These hypocritical liberals are ridiculous. Their hate knows no bounds. Then after Trump was declared the winner,  they shut down their blog, they shut down their comment sections, they said publicly the election was a fraud, they cried publicly that this election was a devastation to all good Americans, they claimed "Clinton won the popular vote" which is not the Constitutional determination of the winner of a presidential election.
I chastised Republicans for being sore losers. for obstructing everything Obama proposed even though some of those proposals were Republican ideas. For putting party before country. For claiming Obama was an illegitimate president because he was not a legal American. A racist stance if ever there was one. For wishing our new black president ill and treating him without respect. I can do no different for these ugly, mean spirited Liberals and their evil words for our new president elect. Oppose Trump, as you must! But he is no Hitler! He is a reflection of ourselves, believe that, or not. He IS going to be our president, like that, or not. He already stated that he will not seek to eliminate Obama care, but will tweak it. Gee, that's exactly what Clinton promised, and the liberals loved it.
The next 4 years should be fun and strange. And OMG imagine 8 years of Trump. That's a distinct possibility given the history of our presidential terms. So cry all you want liberals! Your hate helped make Trump president, now live with it!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Why We Need a New Democratic Party

As a first step, I believe it necessary for the members and leadership of the Democratic National Committee to step down and be replaced by people who are determined to create a party that represents America – including all those who feel powerless and disenfranchised, and who have been left out of our politics and left behind in our economy.
The Democratic Party as it is now constituted has become a giant fundraising machine, too often reflecting the goals and values of the moneyed interests. This must change. The election of 2016 has repudiated it. We need a people’s party – a party capable of organizing and mobilizing Americans in opposition to Donald Trump’s Republican party, which is about to take over all three branches of the U.S. government. We need a New Democratic Party that will fight against intolerance and widening inequality.
What happened in America Tuesday should not be seen as a victory for hatefulness over decency. It is more accurately understood as a repudiation of the American power structure.
At the core of that structure are the political leaders of both parties, their political operatives, and fundraisers; the major media, centered in New York and Washington DC; the country’s biggest corporations, their top executives, and Washington lobbyists and trade associations; the biggest Wall Street banks, their top officers, traders, hedge-fund and private-equity managers, and their lackeys in Washington; and the wealthy individuals who invest directly in politics.
At the start of the 2016 election cycle, this power structure proclaimed Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush shoo-ins for the nominations of the Democratic and Republican parties. After all, both of these individuals had deep bases of funders, well-established networks of political insiders, experienced political advisers and all the political name recognition any candidate could possibly want.
But a funny thing happened on the way to the White House. The presidency was won by Donald Trump, who made his fortune marketing office towers and casinos, and, more recently, starring in a popular reality-television program, and who has never held elective office or had anything to do with the Republican party. Hillary Clinton narrowly won the popular vote, but not enough of the states and their electors secure a victory.
Hillary Clinton’s defeat is all the more remarkable in that her campaign vastly outspent the Trump campaign on television and radio advertisements, and get-out-the-vote efforts. Moreover, her campaign had the support in the general election not of only the kingpins of the Democratic party but also many leading Republicans, including most of the politically active denizens of Wall Street and the top executives of America’s largest corporations, and even former Republican president George HW Bush. Her campaign team was run by seasoned professionals who knew the ropes. She had the visible and forceful backing of Barack Obama, whose popularity has soared in recent months, and his popular wife. And, of course, she had her husband.
Trump, by contrast, was shunned by the power structure. Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential candidate in 2012, actively worked against Trump’s nomination. Many senior Republicans refused to endorse him, or even give him their support. The Republican National Committee did not raise money for Trump to the extent it had for other Republican candidates for president.
What happened?
There had been hints of the political earthquake to come. Trump had won the Republican primaries, after all. More tellingly, Clinton had been challenged in the Democratic primaries by the unlikeliest of candidates – a 74-year-old Jewish senator from Vermont who described himself as a democratic socialist and who was not even a Democrat. Bernie Sanders went on to win 22 states and 47% of the vote in those primaries. Sanders’ major theme was that the country’s political and economic system was rigged in favor of big corporations, Wall Street and the very wealthy.
The power structure of America wrote off Sanders as an aberration, and, until recently, didn’t take Trump seriously. A respected political insider recently told me most Americans were largely content with the status quo. “The economy is in good shape,” he said. “Most Americans are better off than they’ve been in years.”
Recent economic indicators may be up, but those indicators don’t reflect the insecurity most Americans continue to feel, nor the seeming arbitrariness and unfairness they experience. Nor do the major indicators show the linkages many Americans see between wealth and power, stagnant or declining real wages, soaring CEO pay, and the undermining of democracy by big money.
Median family income is lower now than it was 16 years ago, adjusted for inflation. Workers without college degrees – the old working class – have fallen furthest. Most economic gains, meanwhile, have gone to top. These gains have translated into political power to elicit bank bailouts, corporate subsidies, special tax loopholes, favorable trade deals and increasing market power without interference by anti-monopoly enforcement – all of which have further reduced wages and pulled up profits.
Wealth, power and crony capitalism fit together. Americans know a takeover has occurred, and they blame the establishment for it.
The Democratic party once represented the working class. But over the last three decades the party has been taken over by Washington-based fundraisers, bundlers, analysts, and pollsters who have focused instead on raising campaign money from corporate and Wall Street executives and getting votes from upper middle-class households in “swing” suburbs.
Democrats have occupied the White House for 16 of the last 24 years, and for four of those years had control of both houses of Congress. But in that time they failed to reverse the decline in working-class wages and economic security. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama ardently pushed for free trade agreements without providing millions of blue-collar workers who thereby lost their jobs means of getting new ones that paid at least as well.
They stood by as corporations hammered trade unions, the backbone of the white working class – failing to reform labor laws to impose meaningful penalties on companies that violate them, or help workers form unions with simple up-or-down votes. Partly as a result, union membership sank from 22% of all workers when Bill Clinton was elected president to less than 12% today, and the working class lost bargaining leverage to get a share of the economy’s gains.
Bill Clinton and Obama also allowed antitrust enforcement to ossify – with the result that large corporations have grown far larger, and major industries more concentrated. The unsurprising result of this combination – more trade, declining unionization and more industry concentration – has been to shift political and economic power to big corporations and the wealthy, and to shaft the working class. This created an opening for Donald Trump’s authoritarian demagoguery, and his presidency.
Now Americans have rebelled by supporting someone who wants to fortify America against foreigners as well as foreign-made goods. The power structure understandably fears that Trump’s isolationism will stymie economic growth. But most Americans couldn’t care less about growth because for years they have received few of its benefits, while suffering most of its burdens in the forms of lost jobs and lower wages.
The power structure is shocked by the outcome of the 2016 election because it has cut itself off from the lives of most Americans. Perhaps it also doesn’t wish to understand, because that would mean acknowledging its role in enabling the presidency of Donald Trump.
November 10, 2016
Robert Reich

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Party's Over

                                The great Nat King Cole singing "The Party's Over"

Composed by Jule Styne with lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. It was introduced in the 1956 musical comedy Bells Are Ringing by Judy Holliday.

Fitting sentiments for tonight's election. Trump wins!

Did You Vote Today?

I did not! But don't tell me I don't have a right to complain.
As long as I pay taxes, I have a right to complain. As long as I am a citizen, I will complain. As long as crooked politicians are destroying our government, I will complain. As long as extremists cry Hitler, I will call that demagoguery. I refuse to be forced to conform to simply vote when my choices are so unacceptable. Voting to continue corrupt politics by voting for corrupt politicians is a danger in itself and I refuse to engage because I might fear some idiot calling me unpatriotic. I was called a traitor for not supporting the Iraq invasion. I complained about liberals when they called Bush II, Hitler.
I won't worship leaders who created a slave nation. I won't revere leaders who stole from then killed the Native Americans. Don't tell me Trump is the worst thing to happen in American politics. FDR the great liberal imprisoned Americans just because their heritage was Japanese. FDR wanted 13 Supreme Court Justices, because the 9 we had thought his laws were unconstitutional. Take your false principles and vote for whichever crook you THINK will solve all your problems. President Clinton will give us all plenty to complain about, except for the Kool-Aid drinking liberals who will see her election as the salvation of America. Hogwash!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Nature and Space Photographs

My resident troll Dervish Sanders who sends me death threats and 100's of vulgar emails wonders where are my nature and space photographs, which would prove I am someone I am not. That's funny given nature and space photographs are the most popular images posted on blogs worldwide. His delusions are deep and famous. He is known as a liar and someone who writes multiple blogs about hate for several individuals.The lengths he goes to show an unhealthy obsession and deep mental problem. But here are my nature and space pictures, so Dervish can claim I am someone I am not. For extra emphasis I copied these pictures from the blog of the person Dervish falsely claims I am. But then Dervish said that guy is dead. It's hard to keep up with his delusions/lies, but I humor him. It's dangerous to his mental health when we prove his delusions to be lies.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

John Denver

Listen to an expert sing songs he wrote, with the passion of a true artist. John Denver, singing his famous hit "Rocky Mountain High" (above). A true American troubadour. I'm awed by his talent, as he sings to me. He wrote big hits, for himself and other musicians. Another of his big hits, "Calypso" (below). Check out his great music.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Frank Sinatra

                                     The greatest troubadour of the 20th century.

This is Frank's version of the old standard "The Way You look Tonight." A song written by Jerome Kern with lyrics by Dorothy Fields, in 1936. It won the Oscar for Best Original Song that year. Fred Astaire performed the song in the movie "Swing Time."
This is typical Frank Sinatra. His phrasing, voice, and style. He started as a band singer and became the biggest solo singing performer of the 20th century. He recorded thousands of songs, most of which are available for free on the net. Check out his music and see why he was the best.