December 29, 2016

Debbie Reynolds - Tribute - R.I.P.


                                                Far Beyond The Stars                                                   


                                                    A Home In The Meadows

December 28, 2016

Great Talent

 Lets jump to the 21st century for a treat. I thought the piano was going to start smoking. This guy is good! Enjoy!

Luca Sestak is a worldwide, award winning Boogie/Jazz pianist. He started playing piano when he was eight. A true talent, a real prodigy. His parents gave him piano lessons in classical music. Luca was bored and quit. Then Luca heard Boogie piano music, and he loved it. Luca started video recording himself playing Boogie piano music, and posting his videos on YouTube when he was only 13. In a short time he was a YouTube sensation and now considered one of the best. Here is a sample of Luca Sestak's Boogie piano. It's called, "Joogie Wazz."

That was so good I added another number by this talented man. This one is called "Boogie Woogie Stomp." I wonder if that refers to his legs constantly moving?

December 21, 2016

Carol of the Bells

"Carol of the Bells" (also known as the "Ukrainian Bell Carol") is a choral miniature work originally composed by the Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych. Throughout the composition, Leontovych used a four note motif as an ostinato which was taken from an ancient pagan Ukrainian New Year's chant known in Ukrainian as "Shchedryk" [the Generous One]. The composer created the piece as an assignment for a harmony course he was taking by correspondence in the use of an ostinato. The original work was intended to be sung a cappella by mixed choir. Two other variants of the composition; one for woman's choir and another for children's choir with piano accompaniment were also created by the composer.
The "Carol of the Bells" was premiered in December 1916 by a choral group made up of students at Kiev University. It was introduced to Western audiences by the Ukrainian National Chorus during its concert tour of Europe and the Americas, where it premiered in the United States on October 5, 1921 at Carnegie Hall.

December 20, 2016

When A Child Is Born

"When A Child Is Born" is a popular Christmas song. The original melody was "Soleado", a tune from 1974 by Ciro Dammicco (alias Zacar), composer for Italy's Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble, and Dario Baldan Bembo. The tune was based on Damicco's earlier tune "Le rose blu" published in 1972. The English language lyrics were written a few years later by Fred Jay (who wrote many hits for Boney M such as Rasputin and Ma Baker). They do not make specific mention of Christmas but the importance they attach to looking forward to the birth of one particular child somewhere, anywhere, suggests a reference to the birth of Jesus Christ, and the citing of "a tiny star" that "lights up way up high" may allude to the Star of Bethlehem. Fred Jay's lyrics have been sung by many artists, most successfully by Johnny Mathis in 1976.

The Grinch

This song become a Christmas favorite in 1966 as the title song from "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." A TV special, which is now a Christmas tradition. The lyrics were written by Theodor "Dr. Seuss" Geisel, the music was composed by Albert Hague, and the song was performed by Thurl Ravenscroft. The song's lyrics describe the Grinch as being foul, bad-mannered and sinister using increasingly creative put-downs, metaphors and synonyms, beginning with the opening line "you're a mean one, Mr. Grinch". It reminded me of my evil troll Dervish, so I had to include this song.

7 O'clock News/Silent Night

                                                Simon and Garfunkel 1966.
                                                A Christmas carol for their time.
                                                Sounds like our time also.

December 19, 2016

Let It Snow

"Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!", also known as "Let It Snow", is a song written by lyricist Sammy Cahn and composer Jule Styne in July 1945. It was written in Hollywood, California during a heat wave as Cahn and Styne imagined cooler conditions. Although the song's lyrics make no mention of Christmas, it is played on radio stations during the Christmas season and is often covered by various artists on Christmas-themed albums.
This version was recorded by Dean Martin in1959 on his album "A Winter Romance." It is by far the most popular recording of this song. 

December 18, 2016

Silent Night

"Silent Night" (German: Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht) is a popular Christmas carol, composed in 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber to lyrics by Joseph Mohr in the small town of Oberndorf bei Salzburg, Austria. It was declared an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO in 2011. The song has been recorded by a large number of singers from every music genre. The version sung by Bing Crosby is the third best-selling single of all-time.

December 17, 2016

Commercial Christmas

A couple of very popular commercial Christmas songs. First, is the great Jimmy Durante singing "Frosty the Snowman" from the 1969 animated cartoon.
Second is the popular Gene Autry singing, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." Recorded in 1949 it became the second largest selling single, selling 25 million copies.

December 14, 2016

Do You Here What I Here?

The most popular and famous recording was this version by Bing Crosby released in October of 1963. It was an immediate holiday hit and will be for decades, maybe centuries to come.

"Do You Hear What I Hear?" is a song written in October 1962, with lyrics by Noël Regney and music by Gloria Shayne Baker. The pair, married at the time, wrote it as a plea for peace during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Regney had been invited by a record producer to write a Christmas song, but he was hesitant due to the commercialism of the Christmas holiday. It has sold tens of millions of copies and has been covered by hundreds of artists.

December 11, 2016

O Holy Night

"O Holy Night" (French: Cantique de Noël) is a well-known Christmas carol composed by Adolphe Adam in 1847 to the French poem "Minuit, chrétiens" (Midnight, Christians) by a wine merchant and poet, Placide Cappeau (1808–1877).
The modern day version are not the words of the original poem, but the meaning remains the same. It is the story of the night of the birth of Christ. Purely a religious song. Many great singers have sung a version of this song. It is one of the most popular Christmas songs of the last 150 years. One of the first versions recorded was by Caruso in 1916, which you can still hear. The most popular version is this 1960 recording by Nat King Cole.

December 10, 2016

Happy Christmas - War Is Over

"Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" is a Christmas song with lyrics by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, released in 1971 as a single by John & Yoko/Plastic Ono Band with the Harlem Community Choir. The lyrics are set to the traditional English ballad "Skewball". Lenon borrowed many of the words from many other songs. So slight that it never ran into copyright problems. Basically a protest song against the Vietnam war, it has now become a Christmas classic.

The Crybaby Democrats Are Caving In Already

Senate Democrats Give Up On Coal Miner Health Benefits, Averting Government Shutdown (UPDATE)

Sen. Joe Manchin said he hopes to enlist President-elect Donald Trump’s help for the miners.

12/09/2016 06:38 pm ET | Updated 10 hours ago

December 9, 2016

Trump Is Hitler

The liberal haters are still at it. Trump is Hitler! Trump is Hitler! Trump is Hitler!
Their lack of history is astounding. Their passion for hate is unbounded. It's funny how the most hateful of all are the same that attack this blog and stole my posts. RN, Dervish, Dog, Shaw, and and the rest of their hate filled crowd.
No discussion by them of what strategies might be used to stop Trumps decisions and legislation, or what their priorities are as to where to even start. They are having to much fun screaming hate to actually do anything about the Hitler they fear so badly.
I'm not going to spend the next four years simply screaming Trump is Hitler, nor am I going to even listen to their hate. I'm sure these idiot liberals will vote for Trump's disasters, just as they voted for Bush's lies, wars, and killing innocent people. All it will take is another attack against America and they will all line up to support whatever illegal, unconstitutional act of violence and killing Trumps wants to do. And I can just hear another round of calling people traitors for not supporting whatever violence Trump wants to inflict on innocent people. They will be duped just as the German people were in the 1930's.
Good luck to the haters. They will just tear this country further apart and make worse what they claim they don't want. They had plenty of practice calling Bush Hitler as they went along with his killing. Acting against their own self interest seems to be an American behavior now made an American tradition.

December 6, 2016

White Christmas

"White Christmas" a secular song written by the Jewish-American songwriter Irving Berlin. First publicly performed by Bing Crosby on Christmas Day in 1941 on his NBC radio show, The Kraft Music Hall. The song won The Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1942, performed in the movie "Holiday Inn." That was a duet version with Martha Mears.
The song still holds the record for the best selling single of all time, selling more than 100 million copies. The song was a perfect fit for Crosby's voice. Crosby recorded the song many times. This is his most famous version recorded in 1947.

December 4, 2016

Religion and the Holiday Season

I do not believe in a god, I believe in science. Having said that, it's indisputable that religion is the motivation behind some of the best art and music humans have ever produced. That's not proof of a supreme being, just the passion of those who believe in an invisible being in the sky. Religion produces more evil hypocrites than politics, and is the cause for most of the wars and killing in human history.

I believe in living by the "Golden Rule" which has nothing to do with believing in religion, or some invisible god. Simply good advice on how to treat our fellow human beings.

I don't question the motivation behind the product of artists, or musicians, I just appreciate the final product. If their motivation is religious, that doesn't detract (for me) from the quality of the final product. And because I find that final product of the highest quality, that doesn't mean I believe in their motivation that produced that product. I have no clue of the religious beliefs of the artists I highlight, and I could care less. So I will be highlighting religious music during the Holidays, or at anytime. 

December 2, 2016

They Are Still Crying

The liberals, especially the liberal bloggers, are still crying. It's been weeks since the election, yet, the crying gets worse. From cries of a rigged election, Trump being an illegitimate president elect, recounts in multiple States, and of course claiming Trump is Hitler. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad and a waste of time. They are exactly what they claim Trump would be, if he lost the election. They sure know how to bitch and cry. They sure know how to spread their hate.
Claiming Trump is Hitler is the worse insult to those who died, or survived the Holocaust and the other millions who died because of Hitler.
To bad they don't know what to do besides cry and hate. Let's hope Mr. Schumer knows how to do more than cry and hate. Lets hope Mr. Schumer is smarter than Reid, or Pelosi. I don't think so, because the Democrats just put Pelosi back in leadership.
Recounts won't work crybabies. Calling Trump Hitler won't work crybabies. Lessons you should have learned from Bush II, but hate rules your thinking, not logic, or how to actually stop Trump legislation. Stopping Trump isn't about making your hate public. It didn't stop Bush, in fact, you idiot liberals (Hillary Clinton) went along with and voted for the Bush agenda of lies and killing innocent victims and you still called Bush Hitler. .  

November 30, 2016

Neil Diamond

Neil Diamond was one of the greatest musical acts of the last half of the 20th century and still around today. Given the talent and great music created during that time, that says a lot. The awards for him keep adding up. Known for signature songs that Americans love. A song writer that made other bands famous recording his songs.

I chose the following from one of his earlier (6th studio release) albums, "Tap Root Manuscript." Diamond's expression of an African sound. It's called, "The African Trilogy." Released in 1970. This is the whole "B" side of that album. The "A" side had his hits like "Free Life" and "Cold Water Morning", and "Cracklin' Rosie."

This would be considered outside of the popular songs Diamond was famous for, but I think it's an example of his musical genius. This man has been a big hit for over 50 years. Check out his music! 

November 27, 2016

The Desperate Are The Deplorable

The mourning after the election the liberals shut down their blogs and comment sections. My troll (Dervish Sanders) posted he would quit blogging. It was the biggest example of political crybabies ever in American politics.
A few days later the liberal blogs were up and posting again, but they would not post comments, I guess because they could not handle the, "I told you so!" My troll Dervish Sanders did not quit blogging (no surprise) just another lie from the troll. Instead Dervish went on a rampage of vile comments and more death threats to me. I put an end to my troll Dervish Sanders and his almost 1,000 comments and multiple death threats. Anyone who wants to comment on this blog must send their comments by email and I will post them. The troll Dervish Sanders was afraid to expose his email and I haven't heard from him since. I knew he would be to chicken to give his email.
The cries of Trump is Hitler, which started even before the Republican primaries started, became not only worse after the election, but a talking point for the party that lost the election (Democrats). Just another example of the hate coming out of the Clinton campaign. It's an insult of the highest magnitude to Holocaust victims and survivors everywhere to compare Trump to Hitler, but these liberals know no bounds.
The Democrats (Clinton) couldn't even get their vote out, and they wonder why. Their hate was obvious. Stabbing Bernie in the back after he had been nothing but a gentleman during the primaries showed Americans what they thought of Hillary, was correct.
The nastiness by her supporters was spread all over the country, especially on the blogs. My personal example of being attacked was just another out of 100's of thousands.
Hillary ran on the Obama agenda, not her own, even though all the polls were saying Americans wanted a change.You have got to be bad if you can't even beat a bigot like Trump.
Then the street protests, and of course the violence. People got shot!
Then the attack on the Electoral College provision of the Constitution. I wonder why the Democrats didn't do something about that after the 2000 election? Anyways, it was not only the trait of a crybaby, but truly stating they would not abide by the Constitutional process. An anti-American stance. if there ever was one.
Now they have a recount in Wisconsin and hope to have recounts in at least two other States. They have raised 5-1/2 million dollars to a needed 7 million dollars to have these recounts done. Their money would be better spent on trying to stop Trumps legislative moves, or pay Electoral College voters to change their vote. The recounts will not change a thing and there was no rigged election. Democrats lost the election by their bumbling and hate filled behavior, not to mention their very poor candidate.
The Democrats have a righteous complaint about the type of people Trump is appointing, but this is no surprise, especially to the millions who voted to make Trump president. When Democrats decide to quit crying and denouncing the Constitution of the United States, and fight, then Americans might listen. Nobody likes a crybaby, especially mean spirited crybabies that refuse to accept the law of the land. The law we have lived by since 1789. These Democratic desperate are the deplorable.
Trump has no mandate, as the Trump campaign is saying. The simple fact that he lost the majority vote proves that, but Republicans swept the election all over the country. Governors, Mayors, Congress positions Senate positions, State legislators, etc., was a huge Republican election win.
So far Trump has shown us the worst of his decision making abilities. Jeff Sessions for Attorney General is an example. Dr. Ben Carson for Housing and Urban development? Dr. Carson said himself last week he does not have the ability to head up any federal department, which is quite obvious.
Today Trump said the almost 2 million votes Clinton is leading by, those votes are all cast by illegal voters. To have such an obvious liar as president, is dangerous. To have such an obvious bigot as president, is dangerous.
Democratic hate, nastiness, and bumbling gave us president Trump. That hate will only build with Trump as president for four years, or possibly eight years as recent history shows a typical presidential term. The politics of hate started by the Republicans will only get worse bolstered by the hate filled Democrats.
The people will suffer starting in a few months. The first 100 days of a Trump administration is set to end help for those who need help the most in our country.
The founding documents write about the people, not corporations. The words company, corporation, business, capitalists, or capitalism are not mentioned in those documents, which are our guide on making decisions for our legislators.
So on with your strategy of hate Democrats, I won't be joining that garbage effort.     

November 22, 2016


"Stardust" was one of the favorite songs of the 20th century. Composed in 1927 by Hoagy Carmichael with lyrics added in 1929 by Mitchell Parish. Just about every musician has recorded this song. It also became popular as an instrumental tune, notably by many sax players, early big bands, and jazz bands.

This is the great composer Hoagy Carmichael playing his song "Stardust" on the piano and his vocal version of Mitchell Parish's words. Hoagy originally called the song "Star Dust."

This next version is perhaps the most famous version of "Stardust." Sung by the great Nat King Cole.

November 18, 2016

The Dave Clark Five

                                                        The Dave Clark Five

                                                       First, "Bits and Pieces."
                                                       Second, "Glad All Over."

The Dave Clark Five - A British group that first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show just 3 weeks after the Beatles appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in February 1964. They had multiple big hits and rivaled the Beatles. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, 2008. Tom Hanks gave the induction speech and described the music of The Dave Clark Five and the effect the band had on America. You have to check out their music!

November 16, 2016

Tommy Edwards

This was Mr. Edwards biggest singing hit released in 1958. "It's All in the Game." Mr. Edwards was a singer/songwriter. Most of his songs were made big hits by other singers. He wrote, "A Fool Such as I", "Hey There Lonely Girl", "Please Love me Forever". and "Mourning Side of the Mountain."

November 13, 2016

Red Neck Nation Votes

Similar to Truman's win, all the polls and news outlets had Clinton winning right up to and including election day. They all got it wrong.
Trump won the Electoral College, but lost the popular vote. It's a stipulation of the Constitution that the Electoral College elects the president, not the popular vote. We have lived with that legal reality for over 240 years. Yet, the crybaby liberals refuse to accept Trump as the legal and fair winner. That's funny given the liberals were screaming about Trump possibly not accepting Clinton as the fair winner, if she won. So the liberals are now acting like Trump, funny.
There is a strategy by liberals to change the Electoral College vote before the Electoral College meets and votes on December 19th. The liberals need to change the vote of 37 Electoral College voters to have Clinton declared president. Good luck with that.
The mathematical possibility that the winner of the most votes would lose the Electoral College has always existed, but it has only happened a few times in the history of our country. The Democrats expressed sour grapes after the 2000 election, but never moved to amend the Constitution and eliminate the Electoral College. Now many (including the ex AG Eric Holder) are calling for amending the Constitution and eliminating the Electoral College. The problem of course, is gerrymandering, which the Democrats could change easier than amending the Constitution, which takes the approval of 2/3's of the States, both the Senate and the House, and of course the presidents signature. The cries of an illegitimate election are false and just a reaction by sore losers.
The difference between a Trump administration and an Obama administration could not be more diametrically opposed. The personal styles and presentation of Obama compared to Trump are as different as night and day. Obama is an intellectual with class and probably the best oratory skills of any president including Kennedy. Trump is nothing more than a carnival barker with the oratory of a bar fly drunk and the morals of a 19th century bigot.
So how could half of our 21st century people vote for such 19th century vulgarity and bigotry? We have to admit that over the last 50 years our oral and visual utterances have become more vulgar, for a mixture of reasons, including court decisions of free speech and social norms. As we allow the coarsening of our speech and visuals, we forgot that responsibility has to be part of our Constitutional rights. It's not enough to simply accept that people can say, show, and do whatever they want without a counter voice of responsible speech and images. I'm not talking about legal constraints, but people's acceptance of what is publicly acceptable. I'm not talking about legal censorship, but personal censorship, especially when it comes to our children. To me, the most biting political ad I saw was Clinton's ad showing children watching Trump on TV uttering his vulgar oratory. If Trump had been in a school talking to children, he would have been asked to leave. Yet, it's OK to allow that kind of oral vulgarity to enter our living rooms, because he is on TV? We created this monster through our acceptance of past political and social deterioration of oral and visual vulgarity. We reject our authorities using censorship, so here we are.      
The bigotry and racism is something we have tried to suppress with some success, but humans are flawed. Bigotry and racism are learned traits, and it appears many of our parents are teaching traits we publicly claim to abhor. This proves to me that legislation to curb bigotry and racism is needed and we need more. There is a difference between personal and public behavior. I wish the rejection of people would be enough to suppress such vile words, or behavior, but we know it's not. The hypocrites that call themselves liberals have to take some responsibility for the excessive vulgarity in society, that this election has proven to be acceptable.
These hypocritical liberals are ridiculous. Their hate knows no bounds. Then after Trump was declared the winner,  they shut down their blog, they shut down their comment sections, they said publicly the election was a fraud, they cried publicly that this election was a devastation to all good Americans, they claimed "Clinton won the popular vote" which is not the Constitutional determination of the winner of a presidential election.
I chastised Republicans for being sore losers. for obstructing everything Obama proposed even though some of those proposals were Republican ideas. For putting party before country. For claiming Obama was an illegitimate president because he was not a legal American. A racist stance if ever there was one. For wishing our new black president ill and treating him without respect. I can do no different for these ugly, mean spirited Liberals and their evil words for our new president elect. Oppose Trump, as you must! But he is no Hitler! He is a reflection of ourselves, believe that, or not. He IS going to be our president, like that, or not. He already stated that he will not seek to eliminate Obama care, but will tweak it. Gee, that's exactly what Clinton promised, and the liberals loved it.
The next 4 years should be fun and strange. And OMG imagine 8 years of Trump. That's a distinct possibility given the history of our presidential terms. So cry all you want liberals! Your hate helped make Trump president, now live with it!

November 8, 2016

The Party's Over

                                The great Nat King Cole singing "The Party's Over"

Composed by Jule Styne with lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. It was introduced in the 1956 musical comedy Bells Are Ringing by Judy Holliday.

Fitting sentiments for tonight's election. Trump wins!

Did You Vote Today?

I did not! But don't tell me I don't have a right to complain.
As long as I pay taxes, I have a right to complain. As long as I am a citizen, I will complain. As long as crooked politicians are destroying our government, I will complain. As long as extremists cry Hitler, I will call that demagoguery. I refuse to be forced to conform to simply vote when my choices are so unacceptable. Voting to continue corrupt politics by voting for corrupt politicians is a danger in itself and I refuse to engage because I might fear some idiot calling me unpatriotic. I was called a traitor for not supporting the Iraq invasion. I complained about liberals when they called Bush II, Hitler.
I won't worship leaders who created a slave nation. I won't revere leaders who stole from then killed the Native Americans. Don't tell me Trump is the worst thing to happen in American politics. FDR the great liberal imprisoned Americans just because their heritage was Japanese. FDR wanted 13 Supreme Court Justices, because the 9 we had thought his laws were unconstitutional. Take your false principles and vote for whichever crook you THINK will solve all your problems. President Clinton will give us all plenty to complain about, except for the Kool-Aid drinking liberals who will see her election as the salvation of America. Hogwash!

November 6, 2016

Nature and Space Photographs

My resident troll Dervish Sanders who sends me death threats and 100's of vulgar emails wonders where are my nature and space photographs, which would prove I am someone I am not. That's funny given nature and space photographs are the most popular images posted on blogs worldwide. His delusions are deep and famous. He is known as a liar and someone who writes multiple blogs about hate for several individuals.The lengths he goes to show an unhealthy obsession and deep mental problem. But here are my nature and space pictures, so Dervish can claim I am someone I am not. For extra emphasis I copied these pictures from the blog of the person Dervish falsely claims I am. But then Dervish said that guy is dead. It's hard to keep up with his delusions/lies, but I humor him. It's dangerous to his mental health when we prove his delusions to be lies.

November 5, 2016

John Denver

Listen to an expert sing songs he wrote, with the passion of a true artist. John Denver, singing his famous hit "Rocky Mountain High" (above). A true American troubadour. I'm awed by his talent, as he sings to me. He wrote big hits, for himself and other musicians. Another of his big hits, "Calypso" (below). Check out his great music.

November 1, 2016

Frank Sinatra

                                     The greatest troubadour of the 20th century.

This is Frank's version of the old standard "The Way You look Tonight." A song written by Jerome Kern with lyrics by Dorothy Fields, in 1936. It won the Oscar for Best Original Song that year. Fred Astaire performed the song in the movie "Swing Time."
This is typical Frank Sinatra. His phrasing, voice, and style. He started as a band singer and became the biggest solo singing performer of the 20th century. He recorded thousands of songs, most of which are available for free on the net. Check out his music and see why he was the best.

October 31, 2016


These Clinton haters are at it again.
Last time Comey addressed the Clinton emails the Clinton camp spun it to sound like Comey cleared Clinton of all wrongdoing. That was of course, a lie. Comey never cleared Clinton, in fact, he said Clinton misused her email system and did send top secret emails off her private email system. And he added her email could have been hacked and normally would be disciplined for such action, but he brought no charges. Showing a disregard for sensitive information on Clinton's part and a total lack of government communication processes.
Now the Clinton haters are going nuts over Comey's latest statement. As usual, the Clinton haters want it both ways. It's hilarious that this was all caused by Clinton's pervert buddy who was already caught sending dick pics through his phone. Now he has been caught sending inappropriate material to a minor, so of course the FBI investigated all his emails and what do you know, Clinton appears on those emails.
As I have said many times, get ready for a Clinton presidency that is full of scandals. Her working character is secretive and dishonest. She responds with lies and hate, and her supporters are even worse than her.
I've already received my daily vulgar hate mail and death threats from Dervish Sanders and his hate buddies this morning. I guess they were up all night (drunk) thinking up words like cocksucker and other vulgarities to send me. Just like Clinton's pervert buddy. These Clinton haters learn from their leader. Just as Clinton was an ass to Sanders (that came out of her emails also) who was a gentleman during the debates with her, going so far as to say, "I'm sick and tired of hearing about your emails." And just like Republican idiot leaders who support Trump no matter what he says, Sanders is out telling people to vote for crooked Hillary.
The only difference between Trump and Clinton, is Trump uses more vulgar language publicly. Clinton is clearly more deceptive and that makes her dangerous.

October 30, 2016

Toccata and Fugue in D Minor

      Keyboardist unknown. Whoever it is did an excellent job on this classical great.

October 29, 2016

Dream a Little Dream of Me

"Dream a Little Dream of Me" from 1931, music by Fabian Andre and Wilbur Schwandt and lyrics by Gus Kahn. It was first recorded in February 1931 by Ozzie Nelson.

This song has always been a favorite of the American people and musicians. All the great singers have a version of this song. One of the most popular versions was by Mama Cass Elliot in 1968 (above). Cass Elliot was a member of the famous folk group "The Mama's and the Papas." She first sang the song with the group and then released this solo version. Mama had a great voice. Check out her music. 

October 23, 2016

Eve of Destruction?

"Eve of Destruction" sung by Barry McGuire. Only Barry McGuire's gravely voice makes his version of this song better than all other versions. Released in 1965 it was the war protest song of the many that came out of the Vietnam era. McGuire was a folk singer in the group "The New Christy Minstrels" but this was a solo release by McGuire. P. F. Sloan wrote the song. The song is about irrational hate that begets irrational war. Many cite this song when they feel America is on the edge, like today. We survived then and we will survive now. WW II was much closer to the eve of destruction, but the words are prophetic. McGuire had many other hits in a long career. Check out his music.

October 20, 2016

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan just received the Pulitzer Prize for Literature. Well deserved for a life of poetry. That's the cherry on the top of his award littered life. Along with all of his music awards, Hall of Fame inductions, and top civilian awards like the Medal of Freedom, he is certainly getting the accolades he deserves.
His genius for "words and music" equals the best ever and only personal taste discerns a difference from other all time greats. Which begs the question why other great composers of "words and music" were not considered for the Pulitzer Prize Literature award.
A true musical troubadour of the 20th century and his generation. His music will be listened to for hundreds of years, and that is a good thing. If you are not familiar with his "words and music" read his words, listen to his music. 
The video below is Dylan live at the Newport Folk Festival in 1964 singing, "Mr. Tambourine Man."

October 12, 2016

Roger Whittaker

Roger Whittaker. A Kenyan/British (born in Nairobi) folk singer and worldwide singing star. Like all great singers his voice is unique and beautiful. Above is his worldwide hit "A Little Goodbye" also known as "River Lady." Below is another of his worldwide hits, "The Last Farewell." His baritone voice will impress you. Check out his music.

October 8, 2016

Trump's Vulgarity

 This is what Sen. John McCain said today about the vulgarity Trump displayed in the now famous 2005 video:

"There are no excuses for Donald Trump’s offensive and demeaning comments," the Republican senator from Arizona said in a statement. "No woman should ever be victimized by this kind of inappropriate behavior. He alone bears the burden of his conduct and alone should suffer the consequences."

There it is. Republicans trying to distance themselves from their elected candidate, that all Republicans endorsed. Even today, the Republican leaders won't take blame for their endorsements of Trump, including McCain.
Read my post, "Republicans Endorsing Clinton" and you will know I reject all these Republicans denouncing what Trump does, or says, yet, still supporting him and telling Americans to vote for him for president. Republicans will get off to easy if we allow them to now get away with disowning Trump. A price has to be paid for their bankrupt policies and their hate filled candidates.  

October 7, 2016

Long John Baldry

              From Long John Baldry's 1971 album "It Ain't Easy" this is "Black Girl."

Rod Stewart and Elton John worked on this album. In fact the piano you here is Elton John playing.

From the same album this next song is called, "Don't Try To Lay No Boogie Woogie On The King Of Rock And Roll."

October 2, 2016

Republicans Endorsing Clinton

Clinton supporters are giddy over Republicans and Republican newspapers endorsing Clinton.
I don't want their endorsements. I don't want to let them off the hook. They should be stuck with the demagogue they have chosen as their candidate. Republican leaders are denouncing what Trump says, but won't rescind their endorsements.
These Republican newspapers have endorsed every idiot idea the Republicans have put forward that has helped ruin our government. Now they want to distance themselves from the clown their party has elected. I guess they want to save face with the public, but that was gone years ago when they endorsed trickle down economics,  when they endorsed Bush who lied and invaded Iraq killing thousands of American soldiers, when they endorsed not paying for two wars and a drug bill and raising the debt another 6 trillion, when they endorsed Bush's cutting Veteran benefits in the middle of a war, when they endorsed tax cuts when we were 16 trillion in debt, when they endorsed not renewing the Voting Rights Act in the face of Republicans passing laws that eliminated people's right to vote and courts finding those laws unconstitutional, when they endorsed Bush sending tax rebate checks to Americans while the debt grew, when they endorsed Cheney and his Halliburton company getting government contracts even when that company was killing soldiers with their dangerous supplies, and on, and on, and on.
Trump wants more tax cuts. Trump wants more trickle down economics. Trump wants to build up our already world superior military. Trump wants a wall on the Mexican border. Trump wants everything the Republicans have wanted for 40 years, most of which has been tried and proven to be failures. What's the difference? Trump is an outspoken bigot, racist, and hater? He's just been more vocal about what Republicans have been saying and passing laws about, for decades.
Republicans need to pay a higher price for the horrible leadership of the last 40 years and the criminally bad leaders they have put forth. They need to answer for electing Trump. I'm no prude so Trump's language makes no difference to me, than what Republicans have stood for, for decades. Is bad language the tipping point? Hogwash!
This decades old cry from Republicans that what government needs is a businessman as president. Hogwash! Government is as opposite from business as children are from adults. Government services are built on the idea of communal taxation. Business is built on the idea of paying no, or little taxes as possible. That's why Trump brags about not paying taxes and his corporate policies are all about not paying taxes. We should eliminate tax loop holes for companies like Trumps. Government is providing services to all the people, not bowing to the rich. Government should be paying its bills, not running up debt and then file bankruptcy. Republicans have gotten their way, cut taxes, no new taxes, and it has left us 20 trillion in debt. Republicans want to claim Obama has double the debt. Maybe that's because he is working on Republican laws and tax cuts, and the Republican majority won't let Obama change any of that.
So cheer on Republicans and Republican newspapers endorsing Clinton, but they should not be allowed to get off that easy. They should take the heat for the policies they passed and endorsed, that put us in this poor situation. They must pay a price for those rotten policies and their rotten candidate.
If Clinton needs Republican endorsements to win, she is a weak candidate.    

September 29, 2016

Don McLean

Don McLean famous for "Vincent" and "American Pie" and other great hits.
This is his cover of "Crying." A great version of this song.

An original song written by Don. This is "Castles In The Air." Check out Don's music.

September 27, 2016

That Was Fun

Clearly Trump lost the debate.
He proved he knows nothing about most of the issues, especially on nuclear and NATO issues. He doesn't understand treaty laws, which leads him to believe we could tear up all our treaties we have throughout the world.
His business mind tells him it's his goal and a good thing to pay no taxes. I guess he thinks communal taxation is for suckers. He doesn't understand how America built the greatest country in the world. He knows how to use other people's money, then files bankruptcy when the numbers don't work out, leaving the folks who actually did the work, not getting paid and he calls that smart business. He uses any dirty trick including discrimination and thinks that's just fine, because the fine (if he gets caught) would be cheaper than paying a fair wage. I can't think of a more un-American business attitude.
His financial plan is trickle down on steroids. A financial strategy that has been proven wrong multiple times.    
He invokes General MacArthur, but I guess he forgot MacArthur got fired.
He still believes Obama is not American. A racist statement if ever there was one.
He says he knows all Americans agree with him that Rosie O'Donnell is a fat pig, so he was correct in publicly calling her that, and the vulgar name calling he uses for other women.
He claimed his mic wasn't working, but we could hear every sniffle.
He claims Lester Holt was biased towards him and some see truth in that, because Mr. Holt never asked Clinton about Benghazi, or emails, or Libya, etc..  Maybe Trump will get his way when Chris Wallace is moderator.
I've met many guys with over the top egos, but Trump wins the prize. He is a spoiled brat.
A Trump presidency would be scary. It's scary enough to think he will get over 50 million votes.
This is the kind of dolt the Republicans have given us. They deserve to lose.  

September 24, 2016


I have added a new site on my ART link list. It is called " Two Lane Highway." John Doddato displays his excellent photography. Well worth viewing. 

September 22, 2016

Demanding Equality and Justice

Martin Luther King said,
"A riot is the language of the unheard."

President Kennedy said,
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

Riots always get ugly and people die.That has been proven over and over again all over the world. Riots and violence are not the best way to achieve change, but sometimes the only, or last attempt to get change.
Riots do not always signify good change; as in Russia, when riots forced the Czar out of power, murdered him and his family, and installed a new government. I'm sure they were convinced they were fighting for a better life and eliminating an oppressive government rule. But what if the overthrow of the Czar had never happened? Would the monarchy of Russia had evolved into a parliamentary system as much of the rest of Europe finally did?
How long should people wait for change, before forcing change? How long did the American colonies wait to force King George out of America?
Black Africans who were kidnapped and forced into slavery only got a change when their white masters fought and died (600,000 deaths in the Civil War) over slavery. One wonders why those slaves didn't just get together and revolt against their white slave masters using violence and murder. 
In America, riots have usually meant fighting for rights and better treatment from those in power. Whether fighting for better working conditions from oppressive employers, or fighting for civil rights from an oppressive government, the people will force change when other more civil methods of negotiations fail.
Unfortunately, it seems change in America includes people taking to the streets and demanding change, even in the face of death. One might think that should not be necessary with a democratic governmental system, but those seeking a better life and rights were not included in legal rights like voting, so they had no civil voice. Imagine all the suffering while waiting for the majority to include minorities as their equals in law.
The fight never ends. Women fought for the right to vote, yet, 100 years later still have to fight for equal pay and other inequities. After centuries of slavery blacks were given freedom, yet, we know they were discriminated against for another 150 years and the discrimination still goes on. And blacks still have to re-fight for rights won decades ago, like voting rights.
A little empathy from Americans would be nice, but lacking that, Americans still have to answer why some people are less deserving of equality than others, especially given our legal, guiding, founding documents. The law allows to seek justice, but can't stop an injustice being committed against people. It seems every right has to be fought for; gays have the right to marry now, but in most States can still be legally fired from a job for just being gay.
If we wonder why people get violent, we have to put ourselves in their position, and ask how long would we put up with that kind of discriminatory treatment? If blacks can be killed just for being black, it's easy to understand why they are forced to use violence to protect themselves. Just as our white forefathers used violence against King George when the King hung us for not bowing to his oppressive laws, which were not nearly as oppressive as the laws (slavery) we had against blacks at the time.
For all you peace nicks out there, history is not on your side. A brutal truth about humans. Gandhi and MLK are great leaders and idols to follow, but we know violence was the response by their oppressors. If the Black Panthers had their way, would the outcome have been better? NO, probably worse, but violence and death was part of the movement anyways.     

September 20, 2016

Bing Crosby

Until the Beatles came along, Bing Crosby was the most popular and largest record selling musical artist of the 20th century. This song, "Galway Bay" was #3 on the hit list in 1949. Bing had been singing 20 years by that time. Bing's version of "White Christmas" became the largest selling single record of the whole 20th century. Check out his music and find out why he was so popular for so many decades.

September 18, 2016


Fact check said it was Clinton supporters in 2007 who first brought up the accusation that Obama might have been born out of the USA, but the Clinton camp (at the time) said they had nothing to do with it.
Yet, the Clinton camp would have us believe Sander's supporters were responsible for the violence during the primaries, even though Sander's himself told his supporters and the whole country that he did not condone violence and anyone creating violence on his behalf was no supporter of his.
Again the Clinton camp wants it both ways.
This is how most of these falsehoods get started, but the candidate always claims it was not on their behalf. Hogwash.
And as I have pointed (proven) out before  these Clinton supporters are hate filled in their support of Clinton. They attack with hate. They attack Trump with hate, and they attack anyone who questions Clinton with hate. I've stated clearly I would vote for Clinton, yet, if I question anything Clinton says, I'm attacked with hate by hate filled Clinton supporters. At least Trump is up front about his hate, but Clinton is a back stabbing, lying hater, which is worse.
I remember the Clinton supporters accusation about Obama not being a legal citizen. I brushed it off as more lying, hate filled garbage by the Clinton camp. But as you can see those lies from the Clinton supporters created another new level of hate and racism, Birthers.
Birthers are racists. That ugly idea started with Clinton supporters. Clinton supporters spreading hate is nothing new.
If we had a decent press who were seeking the truth, these kind of provable lies could be stopped before they turned into believable hate. 

September 17, 2016

Simon and Garfunkel

Folk music has always been popular, but never as much as in the 1950's and 1960's. Simon and Garfunkel were as popular as the Beatles. Simon wrote this song "The Dangling Conversation." Released in 1966.

Simon's lyrics became so popular they were taught in English classes across the country as poetry, and beautiful poetry they were. This next song is called, "For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her."

Check out the music of Simon and Garfunkel and see why they were so popular.  

September 12, 2016

Gordon Lightfoot

For my money one of the best Folk singers. This Canadian made a big splash in America. Bob Dylan inducted him into the Hall of Fame. Comparing his version of songs to others, he wins out. His original songs are great and became big hits.  Listen to his "Canadian Railroad Trilogy" or "Early Mourning Rain."  Check out his music.

September 9, 2016

Journalistic Integrity

Chris Wallace (FOX news) says it's not his job to discern the truth of responses given to him by a candidate for president when he asks a question to them. WOW!
Matt Lauer seemed to be working on the same policy when he got untrue responses from Trump and Clinton the other night, and never called them on their false responses.
If seeking the truth is not a journalist job, whose job is it?
Walter Cronkite,  Edward R. Murrow, Mike Wallace, and other honest journalists must be rolling over in their graves to hear such garbage.
The press has always been seeking the truth whether covering politics, police, government, or any other situation that effects the American people. The press has been the wall against the lies of those who seek power, or are in power. That includes private as well as public power movers and shakers. 
If you think Trump as president is dangerous for America; a press willing to ignore lies and present false choices to Americans, will surely be the end of freedom and justice in America.
Seems the current policy of journalism is to simply allow people in power, or seeking power to say whatever they want and let the people decide. The people rely on the press to highlight lies, so they can make informed decisions based on true facts.
Of all the garbage I've heard during this election, this is the most disturbing and the most dangerous.  

September 7, 2016

John Mayall

Off his 1970 album "The Turning Point" this song "Room To Move" became a big hit and a good example of John Mayall's music. Recorded live in 1969 it was released in 1970. 

September 3, 2016

Fleetwood Mac

This song "Spare Me A Little" is from the great "Fleetwood Mac." It's on the 1972 album "Bare Trees." Not one of their most famous, or commercial songs, but a great song from what I think is one of their best albums.

Joni Mitchell

                                          "Big Yellow Taxi" by Joni Mitchell.
            Joni has a huge octave range with a smooth voice. Check out her music!
                                 From Folk to Jazz Joni's voice can handle it all. 

Swing, Swing, Swing

My favorite style of music, Big Band Jazz. This number was written by Louis Prima in 1935 and is called, "Swing, Swing, Swing." This is Benny Goodman with Gene Krupa on drums. You can find thousands of recordings of this number by different bands with different arrangements. I like this short version, or any version done by Benny Goodman and Gene Krupa.

Glenn Miller

Another Big Band great, Glenn Miller playing his version of "In The Mood." Recorded in 1939, this was his first recording of this song, but he would record it many times changing the arrangement slightly. Check out the music of Glenn Miller.  

The Hollies

This is probably my favorite Hollies song "The Long Dark Road" (1971) and a great example why they were such a big hit band. Check out the music of The Hollies.

September 1, 2016

Who Are You Going To Vote For?

Hillary is truly the stereotype of the dishonest politician who has gotten rich off of her contacts from government service and used tax payer money to her personal advantage.
Trump is truly the biggest liar to run for president, not to mention his fascist leanings.
My position remains the same. My State will go overwhelmingly for Clinton, so I won't vote. If it were close, I would vote for Hillary. A corrupt politician is typical in American politics. A fascist, dictator type is not.
Many times the debates help people make up their minds. I doubt that will be the case this time.   
So who are you going to vote for and why?   

August 30, 2016

Crying in the Chaple

Elvis made this song a pop hit in 1965. Elvis had a great gospel voice.
Artie Glen wrote the song in 1953. Artie's son, Darrell, made the first recording (while still in high school) in 1953, which hit number one on the "Cash Box" hit list.
It has always been a favorite song of Americans, no matter who recorded it, and most singers had a hit with this song.

August 28, 2016

Real American ?

Inclusion (widening of rights) has always been a battle against the Constitution. The idea that the Constitution is so sacred that it should not be changed, is a false interpretation of the intentions of the founders who wrote the Constitution. The founders were well aware that the Constitution and its good words of equality and justice was not a reality of their day, and not even a reality of the way the founders lived their own lives. They were true leaders. Leading us away from the ugly part of humanity that oppressed just because they had the power.
Part of this crazy election is the last gasp of centuries old white power in politics. The false cry of, "We will make America great again" suggests that America was greater before all this progressive interference and race blending that created the "melting pot."
Immigration is the life blood of this country. To turn away from that is anti-American. The beacon of freedom and a better life was and still is the reason people want to come to America. The color and culture of those people is what has changed over the centuries. America is becoming a white minority country, because of immigration and the effects of the "melting pot." Every culture and people who have come to America have been discriminated against, like a rite of passage, or a college initiation.
A large minority would have us believe that racism no longer exists and certainly is not institutional. Hogwash. That same minority seems convinced that progressiveness and inclusion of rights to all is already achieved. Hogwash. And an even smaller minority thinks our freedoms don't apply to certain groups, because they are not real Americans. The Birther movement is certainly racist, but look at how many millions of Americans believe that false accusation. It can be proven false factually, but they just want to believe it. Just as they want to believe Obama is Muslim despite all the facts to prove that wrong.
What does Trump mean when he claims he is the candidate of law and order when the facts say that crime is highest in urban areas of large black populations? And what policies and laws backed by the white majority led to black poverty and crime in our cities?
Racism and bigotry are learned behaviors. Seems parents are keeping these traits alive. The final word on laws, thankfully the courts have struck down voter restriction laws that are racist, and abortion laws that restrict freedom.
Trump has proven he is a racist. His success has motivated racists and given them a voice greater than their numbers deserve. David Duke said last week that his decision to run for office was based on Trump's success. All the garbage Trump is spewing is splitting the Republican party ideologically, but Republican leaders refuse to condemn Trump and his racist statements, signalling that racism is preferable to a president Clinton.
So where do Republicans go after what appears to be a huge loss at the polls this election, at least for president? The Republican party will not die, but this split appears permanent. There will always be opposition to Democratic party progressiveness, but that is different from the minority of racist ideas. A third party, especially made of racists, will not win, but will change the election numbers. Americans will get used to the president being a minority winner of the majority of the American voters, just as Bill Clinton was.
Racism has reared its ugly head at different times in American history and this seems to be another time racist ideas have found a voice. America will be a white minority country by 2050 and that will be reflected by who gets elected to office, As usual, minorities suffer while the majority slowly embraces inclusion. The Teflon Don says, what have you got to lose black Americans, try Trump. Black America is smarter than that, but are white Americans ready to say no to Trump's America?
It's an irony that white racists of Europe came to America and stole this land from real Americans, killed them at a genocidal rate, then even stole their identity as real Americans. The vestiges of our murderous act still live on in our "reservation" system and blight on the Native Americans. Americans were one of the last to make slavery illegal and a century later we still treat blacks as second class citizens. We totally ignore Native Americans.
The American character at its core, is racist. But we have had good leaders. Leaders who do what leaders should do, lead us away from what we know is wrong, even if we are still practicing that wrong. Leadership should lead to new directions, not just be the leader of old, ugly characteristics. Trump is just pandering to and trying to enlarge the old characteristics of hate, not lead us away from that negative character. That is not a leader, that is a demagogue.  

August 26, 2016

The Voice

                         Jay Black - lead singer of the band "Jay and the Americans."
                                              Also Known As  "The Voice."
                                             Singing "Cara Mia" from 1965.

August 22, 2016


"Toyland" was written by Victor Herbert and Glen MacDonough in 1901. It has become a traditional Christmas song and lullaby. It has been recorded by just about every singer, or singing group. I think this version by the great Doris Day recorded in 1964, is the best. Doris Day was one of the most popular singers of the 20th century. She never sang this song in a movie, but did release it on her Christmas album. Check out the songs of Doris Day and discover why she was one of the best singers ever.

August 19, 2016

Any Good Republican Ideas Out There ?

It's misinformation to say the Teabaggers are a grass roots movement, given the people behind the movement are the likes of Dick Army. Yet, it has stirred up an old traditional attitude among Americans; that all politicians are crooks and not to be trusted, especially with our tax money. There is a lot of truth in that thinking, which is why it is so easy to get millions to agree with it.
It's understandable to see why the conservatives of 40 years ago thought the generation of sex, drugs, peace, rock n' roll, and anti authority were loonies. There were many loonies in that crowd. It's one thing to say, all you need is love, but it's another thing to understand the reality of 7 billion people living together on one Earth, and all the good and bad that goes along with humanity.
It's harder to understand why conservatives of today are so willing to believe the ravings of uneducated talk show hosts, or ideas like birthers and shouts of the President being a Communist, a Fascist, or a Socialist. Of course their past behavior (McCarthyism) does bend towards paranoia, but even the uneducated could just use a dictionary to know their accusations are wrong.
It's understandable that conservatives have a more stubborn (unmovable) ideology, but their current political strategy is a failure, and could be dangerous for the country. I don't like to call my political opponents thinking as stupid, but there is no other way to explain the position of today's Republicans.
As a people, we allow way to much stupidity to be aired under the guise of freedom of speech. An idea does not deserve respect just because it is an idea. Can we no longer simply reject dumb ideas, especially those that have been proven to be a failure?
At long last sir..............have you no brains?

August 15, 2016

Sweet Dreams

                                                     The Great Patsy Cline.
This song "Sweet Dreams (of you)" and her version of "Crazy" (and many other hits) made Patsy Cline one of the biggest stars in all music. Country music was her specialty, but she was a crossover national star. One of the great voices of all time. She died at the age of 30, in 1963. This song was released after she died. Check out her music!

August 9, 2016

More Insanity From Trump

As the saying goes, continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, is insane.
So Trump rolled out his version of trickle down economics. Cutting taxes and raising spending. Apparently expecting growth from tax cuts to increase income enough to pay for his trillion dollar plans. It would be laughable, if not for the reality that Americans have fallen for this economic insanity for over 30 years. The reality is, that economic thinking has failed every time it has been tried and left us with multi-trillion dollar debts.
I guess we should expect this kind of economic insanity from a guy who has had his businesses end in bankruptcy multiple times, yet, considers himself a successful businessman. I have to wonder whatever happened to the idea that we have to invest money to make money and cut our indebtedness. It really does come down to simple math, but I guess his college did not teach such simple tactics.
It wasn't just rich people who have had their taxes cut over the last 30 years, and we can't pay off our debt by just taxing the rich. So Clinton's economic plans are just as flawed, even if the Democrats win majority besides the White House. Getting rid of corporate welfare and tax cuts will bring in 100's of millions of dollars, but that still leaves a huge debt compared to Clinton's trillion dollar spending plans. The choice is what you prefer government to spend your tax money on, no matter how much the debt is increased.
I'm sure glad I won't be alive to pay for this financial mess, and glad my votes did not support such insane financial tactics that created this financial mess.  

August 7, 2016

The Do Nothing Congress

Congress's popularity ratings have been below 15 percent national approval for years now, and at some points in the single digits. There is a clear failure of legislation addressing the problems of the nation. Republicans have had majority for years, so much of the blame is theirs. Obstructing Obama is not their only duty, although, they have stated that is their only goal. If Clinton wins without gaining majority, it seems Republican strategy will not change. An unhealthy strategy for America and an irresponsible strategy for the majority in power (Republicans).
Republicans not only have majority in national government, but in many States. Yet, the laws they are passing in those States are being found unconstitutional in our courts (their voting laws, abortion laws, and many other laws). If the laws Republicans are passing are being found unconstitutional in the courts are they a reflection of their constituents? If so, then we should be happy that our courts are working as they should and protecting the rights of all Americans. The court did turn down Obama's immigration presidential decree, but upheld the ACA law that passed Congress. A guide to compromise and Congressional legislation being the best way to govern. 
Obstructionism is not in the tradition of what's best for America. No matter how difficult the compromise, compromise is the key to getting things done and progressing the country. If you think the compromises now are tough, imagine compromising on slavery to get a constitution ratified. That compromise caused a Civil War 80 years later, but we had a nation under law that gave basic rights. That law (the constitution)  had an amendment process in hopes that future Americans would improve on the work of the founders. Part of the foresight and genius of the founders was, they knew their law was flawed and not sufficient for the generations to come. They knew their good words were not even a reality in their own time. Yet, they were smart enough to make amending the constitution hard. A guide to making sure any changes would truly reflect a majority of Americans.
There is a good argument that when the public is so at odds politically; might not be a good time for the majority to pass laws that end up being unconstitutional and/or unpopular. I certainly would not favor this time of diametrically opposing political views a time for a constitutional convention to rewrite and/or amend the constitution, as many have called for. Although, history tells us the first constitutional convention had opposing political views much harsher than today. I believe history also shows those founders had an enlightenment and intelligence our representatives do not show today.
Working through all these rules has given our Congress the reputation of being slow, and Congress changing their procedural rules hasn't made it any better.
One thing I agree with the political pundits on, is this election shows the people want change. We must be careful that this public frustration does not lead us on a path away from the basics of our constitution. We have to rely on our courts to be the check and balance, so it's more important than ever that our courts act as unbiased and unpolitical.   

August 4, 2016

The War on ISIS

As I write this, the president is about to give a press conference. The press conference is about the progress on the war on ISIS.
Few people know, because the media is to busy covering every idiot thing Trump says, that we are pounding ISIS.
You won't here about that on NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and certainly not FOX. If you seek out the information on the progress on the war, it is readily available. It's amazing the right hasn't said a word about it, especially since they are claiming Obama is doing nothing about ISIS, which of course, is just another lie about Obama from the Republicans.
Obama is prosecuting the war exactly as he said he would and is having great success. ISIS is basically beaten on the field. Their tactics are changing because of their defeats on the field. It's the attacks around the world by small groups sometimes individuals that make the news and are killing people.
We are at war. If you want to criticize the president on how he is prosecuting the war, then you have to know what is actually happening. While Trump was making headlines with his vitriol, our soldiers killed 250 of the enemy in one attack.
And where are all those Republican pro military activists? No cheers for our victories? No cheers for our brave soldiers? How about it Sen. McCain?
So back to the Republicans bitching about Obama doing nothing about ISIS, while he is winning the war against ISIS. Republicans prove their hypocrisy again. 

August 2, 2016


Trump has been trying hard to chase away Republican support. He obviously doesn't like Republicans. Recently he has said he doesn't support Ryan, or McCain and is actively supporting other people for their seats in the upcoming election. McCain and Ryan have halfheartedly supported Trump simply because he is the Republican nominee, as have many other Republicans. They continue to come out and denounce his statements on various issues, including the latest dust up about Mr. and Mrs. Kahn, yet, continue to say he is the only choice to be the next president. Certainly it is a choice of two evils for Republicans, with Hillary being the most evil.
It's the majority of the Republican voters who have put Trump in his position and Republican leadership in their uncomfortable position. Trump is an outsider as a Republican, as much as Sanders was an outsider in the Democratic party. The Republicans chose the outsider, the Democrats did not. That puts Trump at a disadvantage for Republican party unity and getting the most possible votes out of Republicans. Hillary won her party's nomination, but Sander supporters claim they won't vote for her and decades of negative Hillary feelings within the Democratic party towards Hillary means she won't get the most available democratic votes. That negativity towards Hillary from within the Democratic party is why she lost to Obama (an unknown) even though she was considered a shoe in to win the Democratic nomination in 2008.
This will leave the undecided vote (at a high of 20%) to decide who the winner will be. That's one of the only normal facts about this election. The undecided voters often decide who will be president. I doubt a huge democratic voter turnout (which hasn't appeared during the primary's)  can make up that 20% undecided vote. Those undecided voters seem to be in the same quandary,  which candidate is less evil, which candidate do they dislike more.
Democrats are hoping Trump's big mouth will get those undecided voters to go with Hillary, but there is no sign that is happening. The "Teflon Don" has yet to say something that has changed the mind of those undecided voters. The undecided percentage hasn't changed in months. Even the negative comments from Republican leaders about Trump hasn't had an effect on the undecided number. The traditional ideal of what a president should be characteristically doesn't seem to matter. As repulsive as Trump can be, that hasn't changed the undecided voters, yet. Similarly, all the negativity about Hillary hasn't changed that undecided number. These undecided voters will probably not vote, or make up their minds as they vote. Just make a pick, like pin the tail on the donkey. It's a crummy choice in their eyes.
As for me; my State will go big for Hillary, so I probably won't vote. If I was in a State that was close, I would vote for Hillary based only on my repulsion for Trump. I am not a Hillary fan. Good luck with your choice, undecideds.        

July 28, 2016

Obama The Orator

Obama won the presidency because of his oratory. He reminded us of that tonight. He knows what to say, and how to say it. Where I come from we would call that speech, a barn burner. One of the best political speechs I've heard, and I've heard the best. Defining his ideology logically, with impeccable delivery, passion, and surpassing his goal.
I was never an Obama-maniac, but I've never liked Hillary, so Obama was my option. I'm sure his oratory played a big part in my decision. When McCain picked Palin, that cinched my decision. I voted for Obama the second time. I disagreed sharply with a lot of his decisions, but I have respect for him, I even like him. If he goes on the road for Hillary and keeps giving those kind of speeches, she will win the presidency, just as he did.
Obama will go out of office as a popular president, while the Congress is more unpopular than changing diapers.
Obama can talk all the optimism he wants. But the future looks dim no matter which candidate wins, although, one candidate is far better than the other.
Obama deserves kudos for pulling us out of the mess the Republicans left us/him. With a little help he could have done so much more. Obama has been treated outrageously at times, just proving racism and nasty politics are still alive.
So on with the election and the dripping hate on the blogs, from both/all sides.

July 24, 2016

Trump Wins?

If you haven't read Michael Moore's recent op-ed you should. He lays out his reasons why Trump will win the election. I agree with Moore's reasons and as much as the idea disgusts me, I think Trump can/will win the election. I will get no satisfaction out of saying I told you so. I have watched Americans vote for bigots, racists, crooks, liars, and worse for president. A Trump win will not surprise me, just depress me.
I can think of worse people who have already been president, of course, we don't know just how bad Trump could get. There are worse things than being a racist, vulgar, tyrant, and leader of the United States.
Trump has gotten his way in everything in life. It will be interesting to watch him be told no by Congress, just like every other president. And like other presidents, he will just blame Congress and then go golfing.
Every president has his character tested when making decisions for the country. Trump's test will be how much patience he has.
 It will be interesting and fun to watch a president Trump get the obstructionist treatment Obama has been getting from Congress.
I will be waiting to see if Congress will pass spending for his multi-trillion dollar plans. I certainly can't wait to hear what the president of Mexico says when Trump asks him for 10's of billions of dollars to build a wall.
If the founding fathers showed us anything, it's that one can be a vulgar racist and still do good things. Of course the founders were truly geniuses; I'm afraid Mr. Trump is handicapped in that area.
The simple answer to Mr. Moore's reason for a Trump win, is a large Democratic voter turnout. During the primaries Democratic voter turnout was down, even with Bernie getting millions of voters out to vote.