Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Crying in the Chaple

Elvis made this song a pop hit in 1965. Elvis had a great gospel voice.
Artie Glen wrote the song in 1953. Artie's son, Darrell, made the first recording (while still in high school) in 1953, which hit number one on the "Cash Box" hit list.
It has always been a favorite song of Americans, no matter who recorded it, and most singers had a hit with this song.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Real American ?

Inclusion (widening of rights) has always been a battle against the Constitution. The idea that the Constitution is so sacred that it should not be changed, is a false interpretation of the intentions of the founders who wrote the Constitution. The founders were well aware that the Constitution and its good words of equality and justice was not a reality of their day, and not even a reality of the way the founders lived their own lives. They were true leaders. Leading us away from the ugly part of humanity that oppressed just because they had the power.
Part of this crazy election is the last gasp of centuries old white power in politics. The false cry of, "We will make America great again" suggests that America was greater before all this progressive interference and race blending that created the "melting pot."
Immigration is the life blood of this country. To turn away from that is anti-American. The beacon of freedom and a better life was and still is the reason people want to come to America. The color and culture of those people is what has changed over the centuries. America is becoming a white minority country, because of immigration and the effects of the "melting pot." Every culture and people who have come to America have been discriminated against, like a rite of passage, or a college initiation.
A large minority would have us believe that racism no longer exists and certainly is not institutional. Hogwash. That same minority seems convinced that progressiveness and inclusion of rights to all is already achieved. Hogwash. And an even smaller minority thinks our freedoms don't apply to certain groups, because they are not real Americans. The Birther movement is certainly racist, but look at how many millions of Americans believe that false accusation. It can be proven false factually, but they just want to believe it. Just as they want to believe Obama is Muslim despite all the facts to prove that wrong.
What does Trump mean when he claims he is the candidate of law and order when the facts say that crime is highest in urban areas of large black populations? And what policies and laws backed by the white majority led to black poverty and crime in our cities?
Racism and bigotry are learned behaviors. Seems parents are keeping these traits alive. The final word on laws, thankfully the courts have struck down voter restriction laws that are racist, and abortion laws that restrict freedom.
Trump has proven he is a racist. His success has motivated racists and given them a voice greater than their numbers deserve. David Duke said last week that his decision to run for office was based on Trump's success. All the garbage Trump is spewing is splitting the Republican party ideologically, but Republican leaders refuse to condemn Trump and his racist statements, signalling that racism is preferable to a president Clinton.
So where do Republicans go after what appears to be a huge loss at the polls this election, at least for president? The Republican party will not die, but this split appears permanent. There will always be opposition to Democratic party progressiveness, but that is different from the minority of racist ideas. A third party, especially made of racists, will not win, but will change the election numbers. Americans will get used to the president being a minority winner of the majority of the American voters, just as Bill Clinton was.
Racism has reared its ugly head at different times in American history and this seems to be another time racist ideas have found a voice. America will be a white minority country by 2050 and that will be reflected by who gets elected to office, As usual, minorities suffer while the majority slowly embraces inclusion. The Teflon Don says, what have you got to lose black Americans, try Trump. Black America is smarter than that, but are white Americans ready to say no to Trump's America?
It's an irony that white racists of Europe came to America and stole this land from real Americans, killed them at a genocidal rate, then even stole their identity as real Americans. The vestiges of our murderous act still live on in our "reservation" system and blight on the Native Americans. Americans were one of the last to make slavery illegal and a century later we still treat blacks as second class citizens. We totally ignore Native Americans.
The American character at its core, is racist. But we have had good leaders. Leaders who do what leaders should do, lead us away from what we know is wrong, even if we are still practicing that wrong. Leadership should lead to new directions, not just be the leader of old, ugly characteristics. Trump is just pandering to and trying to enlarge the old characteristics of hate, not lead us away from that negative character. That is not a leader, that is a demagogue.  

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Voice

                         Jay Black - lead singer of the band "Jay and the Americans."
                                              Also Known As  "The Voice."
                                             Singing "Cara Mia" from 1965.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Congress: AWOL and Out of Control

By Ralph Nader

Taken as whole, with exceptions, the American people have the strangest attitude toward the Congress. Our national legislature spends nearly a quarter of our income and affects us one way or another every day of the year. Yet too many people withdraw in disgust instead of making Congress accountable to them. Warren Buffett once said, “It’s time for 535 of America’s citizens to remember what they owe to the 318 million who employ them.”
People have a low regard for Capitol Hill. Polls show less than 20% of people approve of what Congress does and does not do. In April a poll registered a 14% approval rate.  People know that Congress takes a lot of days off – all with pay. Senators and Representatives work over 100 fewer days than average Americans do. Specifically, members were in session 157 days in 2015 and 135 in 2014. This year the House is scheduled to be in session for only 111 days, with the August recess alone stretching nearly six weeks.
People also know that these politicians feather their own nests. At a minimum, members of Congress receive a $174,000 annual salary, plus a great pension, health and life insurance, assorted deductions and expenses. These are benefits that many Americans can only dream of getting.
Even when Senators and Representatives are in Washington, Congressional leaders expect them to spend about 20 to 30 hours per week dialing for campaign dollars – for their re-election and for their Party’s coffers. Asking for money in or from their office is illegal, so members of Congress trot out daily, on your nickel, to “call centers” in nearby office buildings.
Congressman David Jolly (R-Florida) was told at his party headquarters that he was expected to raise $18,000 per day as his “first responsibility.”
When not dialing for dollars, members of Congress go to fund-raising parties at fancy restaurants or the homes of wealthy donors.
We’ve all heard a popular refrain from folks back home reacting to their absentee lawmakers. “It’s good they’re not in Congress making government bigger, increasing taxes and causing mischief.” The lawmakers, on their part, argue that time away from Congress is time with their constituents back home.
There is some useful truth to this claim, even though that time is also used to raise campaign money and schmooze with political backers and allies. Contact with the voters is becoming impersonal – over the internet instead of the diminishing public town meeting and its eye-to-eye contact.
But let’s be serious. Your Senators and Representatives have a job description. It is to move the country forward for the people by wisely enacting tax laws, spending programs, evaluating the president’s nominees, empowering voters with clean elections, upholding their Constitutional duties, such as making foreign and military policy, and overseeing the sprawling executive branch, exposing waste, corruption, recklessness and obeisance to the powers-that-be by not fairly enforcing the laws of the land.
The Congressional oversight function requires logging hours and hours of public committee hearings scrutinizing the performance of federal agencies and departments on behalf of the people. Congressional staffers need to be investigating or following leads sent to them by citizens or government whistleblowers regarding the federal bureaucracy.
Members of Congress do not have time for this responsibility when they are spending so much of their workday asking for money and implying agreement with the demands of the “monied interests,” to use Thomas Jefferson’s phrase.
This is why Congressman Jolly introduced the “Stop Act,” which would ban all federally-elected officials from directly soliciting donations. Members of Congress can attend fund-raisers but others would have to ask for the money. No more direct telephone calls to the “fat cats” for checks. So far he only has nine co-sponsors for his bill.
Congressman Jolly says this is not “campaign finance reform,” it is “Congressional reform,” adding “members of Congress spend too much time raising money and not enough time doing their job. Get back to work. And do your job.”
Hey America! No more withdrawal cynicism. Shaping up or shipping out your members of Congress can be our great national civic hobby! There are plenty of opportunities for improvement and it could be lots of fun. Don’t forget there are only 535 of them and they put their shoes on every day like we do!
Start small and build. Announce to your lawmakers with a letterhead – “Congress Watchdogs from the xxx Congressional District. The people want you to do your jobs!” The benefits of this effort are better lives and livelihoods for all Americans.”

Monday, August 22, 2016


"Toyland" was written by Victor Herbert and Glen MacDonough in 1901. It has become a traditional Christmas song and lullaby. It has been recorded by just about every singer, or singing group. I think this version by the great Doris Day recorded in 1964, is the best. Doris Day was one of the most popular singers of the 20th century. She never sang this song in a movie, but did release it on her Christmas album. Check out the songs of Doris Day and discover why she was one of the best singers ever.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Sweet Dreams

                                                     The Great Patsy Cline.
This song "Sweet Dreams (of you)" and her version of "Crazy" (and many other hits) made Patsy Cline one of the biggest stars in all music. Country music was her specialty, but she was a crossover national star. One of the great voices of all time. She died at the age of 30, in 1963. This song was released after she died. Check out her music!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Wake Up: These Unneeded Instruments Can Wreak Mass Destruction

By Ralph Nader 

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has recently advanced a clean energy plan which mandates that New York transition half of its energy needs to renewables by 2030. By regressive contrast, New York’s Public Service Commission (PSC) has approved enormous subsidies for three aging nuclear power plants―Ginna, Nine Mile Point and FitzPatrick―located in Upstate New York.  Estimates of the costs of these subsidies range from $59 million to $658 million by 2023, with specialists such as Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group predicting that costs could grow to $8 billion. New York consumers will be covering the tab via their utility bills.
Ginna and Nine Mile Point are owned by the Exelon Corporation, and Exelon has plans to purchase the FitzPatrick plant. You can be sure that Exelon is frothing at the mouth for this huge bailout that was approved without adequate public scrutiny.  Approval of this plan gives New York State the not-so-honorable distinction of being one of the first states to bailout the aging nuclear industry in our increasingly green energy age. The long-coddled nuclear industry is hoping that other states will follow suit.
Unfortunately, subsidizing the nuclear industry in the United States is nothing new.  Since the first nuclear plants opened back in the 1950’s, taxpayers have assumed nearly all of the financial risk.  One of the most telling warning signs about the real cost of investing in nuclear power is that fact that Wall Street will not finance the construction of a nuclear plant without a full loan guarantee from the U.S. government. The reason for such caution by financial wheelers and dealers is the long history of delays, cost overruns and reactors that never came online. Whether the plants open or not, obeisant politicians pass many of the nuclear boondoggle costs to the taxpayers.
Atomic energy is also uninsurable in the private insurance market. Under the Price-Anderson Act of 1957, taxpayers must cover almost all of the costs if a catastrophic nuclear accident should occur.  Think of the devastation caused by Chernobyl, Fukushima and Three Mile Island.  Three Mile Island, which experienced only a partial meltdown in 1979, cost approximately $1 billion to clean up.
The case to preserve the New York nuclear power plants is that they are an “emissions-free power source.”  There are, however, much better, more affordable and safer low carbon options that would replace the need for nuclear energy in New York.  These options were not even discussed or evaluated.  A more sensible approach would have been for the PSC to present some alternative scenarios, so that citizen taxpayers could compare the risk and costs of a massive nuclear bailout against significant investments in other energy-generating options like wind and solar, in addition to energy conservation measures.
Consider the absurdity of the complex and expensive nuclear fuel cycle itself. It begins with uranium mining which produces radioactive tailings and dust, followed by the fabrication and refinement of fuel rods, the risky transport of these rods to the plant where they are installed, and then firing up the reactor so it goes critical with a huge amount of radioactivity. The end goal? To boil water to generate steam to turn turbines to produce electricity!
What other method of boiling water has to have specific population evacuation plans?
There is also the significant problem of spent fuel rods which are stored in pools at nuclear plants.  No permanent storage sites exist for these deadly radioactive wastes, which pose national security risks, and which must be kept for thousands of years.
It’s notable to point out that the Indian Point nuclear plants in New York, which are located near an earthquake fault just thirty miles from Manhattan, were excluded from the PSC proposal. Even cautious Governor Cuomo and Hillary Clinton, when she was a Senator, have acknowledged the imminent danger that Indian Point poses to the Greater New York City area and urged its closing.  The 5 PM rush hour in New York’s metropolitan area is bad enough without adding the chaos of a panicked mass evacuation of millions of people.
So what about those who live within the fallout zone of these three upstate plants that will be the recipients of billions of dollars of taxpayer money?  Why is Governor Cuomo trying to close Indian Point while saving these other plants? One explanation could be right out of the classic nuclear industry handbook―hold the state hostage by threatening that the lights will go out if they don’t pony up.
The public was given just 14 days to comment on the bailout proposal. Despite pushback from anti-nuclear activists, the nuclear industry prevailed.  Is two weeks enough time for a thorough public debate on the merits of bailing out the costly, risky, dirty nuclear power industry? Shame on the indentured PSC and Governor Cuomo!
Rather than prop up deteriorating nuclear plants with a huge hand out, New York officials should be focused on phasing out nuclear energy entirely.  Nuclear power has been proven many times over to be unnecessary, uneconomic, uninsurable, unevacuable, unsafe and unfit for use in the unstable modern world.
New Yorkers―don‘t take this lying down. Write and call Governor Cuomo’s office and tell them that you oppose the PSC’s huge bailout to the nuclear industry. And, we hope that some citizen groups will challenge the decision in state court.
Have you seen the print, TV and radio ads touting atomic energy by the Nuclear Energy Institute? Its top executives and the CEOs of the nuclear energy corporations have not been willing to debate publically the assertions in these ads about cost, subsidies, evacuation, risk, alternatives and climate change. I’m confident that Peter Bradford, former member of the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and former chairman of the New York PSC would agree to a debate in a neutral forum such as the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. So too would Amory Lovins, physicist, author and energy consultant to agencies from electric utility companies to the Pentagon.
Can you, readers, demand that the Nuclear Energy Institute open themselves up to informed debate? After all, they represent big corporate welfare kings that have taken taxpayers for a ride of hundreds of billions of dollars for the last sixty years. They owe you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Plagiarist Shaw from Progressive Eruptions

Shaw from Progressive Eruptions has been pinching tits about plagiarists and falsely claiming I'm 5 different people.
Then she stole my "Senate" post and posts it on her comment section without attribution. I wonder why the Blogger Sleuth Pam didn't call her on that?
These two faced liars sure like to poison the blogs.
And of course when asked for ANY proof of their lies, silence.
It's easy to spot the slimy liars, they offer no proof, just lies.

It's an honor to have the rightists steal my posts and comments and have them posted at their garbage sites. I never thought I would have the chance to get my words to such scum. Read and learn, scum.
The enlightened men who started our government and country, were violent bigots, who revolted against even worse violent bigots. This is our character.  

The Republican Team

Just what this country needs.
To wipe the ass of America.

UPDATE on Welcome to Blog Land

Regarding my post "Welcome to Blog Land" about my blog being attacked by sick persons.
I found out that my comments being stolen, my ID being stolen, and swearing comments being posted on my blog (all of that after only having had my blog for two days) was perpetrated by a sick group of long time bloggers. They are obviously well practiced at lying, deception, and stirring hate.
Progressive Eruptions - Rational Nation USA - The Oracular Opinion - Daddy's blog - and probably more are the culprits. Their dishonesty is deep and their dirty tricks are a team effort.  I won't post their links, I won't post their comments, and I especially won't post anymore of their garbage. I advise my readers to stay away from these scum bags. Enjoy yourselves dirt bags. I will warn bloggers about you whenever I can. A perfect example of sick, sad, lonely lives.

Due to continued attacks from RN, Pam, Shaw, and their other sicko buddies, comment moderation is now in effect. It's a sick obsession by hate filled people.
I want this to be a decent blog where people can comment and not be attacked by scum bags.

Shaw the Plagiarist

For the second time Shaw from Progressive Eruptions has stolen my post and posted it on her blog without attribution. She knew fully, that it was my post and my words.
Yet she posts constantly about plagiarism. This sick bitch is part of the group Pam, RN, Shaw, and a cast of made up ID's that go around trolling, harassing, lying and stealing people's work product. It is not only illegal, but done on purpose showing just how evil these scum are.

Shaw and Mrs. Trump

Well what do you know, Shaw and Mrs. Trump are the same, plagiarizing bitches.
For those of you who have been following the events of my posts being stolen by Shaw and posted at her site without attribution: while she writes about how sick it is to plagiarize people. It's amazing what a hypocrite Shaw is.
And what happened tonight at the Republican convention just highlighted my problem. Having my work product stolen and presented as someone else's work. The similarities are so close I couldn't help but write another post about the plagiarizing Shaw. It's not surprising to me that Shaw and Mrs. Trump are the same kind of plagiarizing scum.

The Blogger Slueth

The Blogger Sleuth, is itself, a fake blog.
Amazing what lengths sick scum will go to cover their lies.
The Blogger Sleuth was a blog that started in October of 2010 and ran until March of 2011. During that six month period it posted 13 posts. A very short span in blog time.
The Blogger Sleuth supposedly uncovered fake blogs.
Yesterday the Blogger Sleuth posted at Shaw's blog Progressive Eruptions (after having not been heard from for over 5 years) stating that my post was stolen and copied to the Who's Your Daddy blog. That was true, it did happen. He showed, as example, my post from my blog. But my stats did not show that the Sleuth ever visited my blog to get that post of mine. But my stats did show that Shaw herself visited my blog 3 times yesterday. Then Shaw removed the Sleuth's comments (there were two) from her site a few hours later. Interesting.
The reason I'm following up on this, is because the Sleuth's comment on Shaw's blog proved what I told Pam (The Oracular Opinion) and Shaw about the comments that were posted to Pam's blog supposedly by A Proud Progressive (APP) that were actually my comments APP had stolen from the Daddy blog. Pam's response to my informing her, was nasty, and Pam accused me of lying and being a troll.
Yesterday Shaw wrote a column about plagiarizing showing APP had stolen a comment from her blog and posted it at the Daddy blog. I left a comment saying, I told her so. So why was I attacked and called a liar and a troll when I reported the exact same thing?
Then I went to the Blogger Sleuth's blog. The blogger Sleuth (having not posted for 5 years) had a new post. It was about other people (not mentioned here) stealing comments and posting them on other blogs. So I left the following comment at Sleuth's blog: 

Just wondering why you didn't list the comment stolen from me, here. Or why Shaw deleted it when you posted it at her blog today. And why you all of a sudden started again after 5 years. Were there no fake bloggers in the last 5 years?
Reply Delete

  1. Sleuth June 30, 2016 at 11:10 AM
    Hello Luke. I do not know of the comment you mentioned. However, I am familiar with Shaw and her blog and when she posts comments by other bloggers , or anything written by other people, she links them and gives them credit. She does not copy and paste from someone else. In other words, she is not plagiarizing and she does not have a bazillion blogger ids so she can troll blogs. She goes on as Shaw and is not afraid to comment as such. She does not hide behind private blogger profiles and ids.

    Aw Lukie! Of course there were fake bloggers in the last 5 years. You started your profile in 2012.
  2. So you never left a comment on Shaw's blog yesterday?
  3. I did comment on Shaw's blog yesterday. I don't recall stealing your comment. Like Shaw, and many other bloggers, I give attribution. I don't copy and paste and steal other's written work.
  4. Reply

    So first the Sleuth denies he left any comment at Shaw's blog, then he said he did. Interesting. Then he accuses me of claiming I said he stole my comment. I obviously never said that.
    I followed these above comments by asking why he wouldn't admit he made the comments about my comment being stolen as he did on Shaw's blog and what was the mystery. That was not published,yet, he has comment moderation. But this exchange took place this morning just a few minutes apart from each other, as you can see.
    He called me Luckie (the aw Luckie was a little condescending) as if we were friends, but not even my friends have ever called me that. He also misspelled Luckie and others. That is a trait of RN the notorious trouble maker and liar who posts hourly at the Daddy blog. 
    I'm still waiting for another reply from Sleuth for the answer to my questions.
    This is all fake and the Sleuth is obviously one of the holy trinity of asshole bloggers Shaw, Pam, or RN. This all comes from the problem I ran in to with these liars when I first started my new blog 2 weeks ago, and they attacked my blog with their filthy crap. I still get those comments, but I won't post them anymore.
    How would the Sleuth know those were my comments that were stolen? I had only been blogging on my new blog for 48 hours and he has not been blogging for 5 years. My stats show he never visited my blog. Someone had to inform him. Who would that someone be? It's also interesting that 5 years ago the only comments the Sleuth got were from Pam, Shaw, and their circle of friends. No comments from the bloggers who were supposedly stolen from. I wonder why only that circle of friends knew about his blog.
    As I said in my previous posts these are truly sick people who have nothing to do but play sick, lying games with other bloggers.
    So the Blogger Sleuth is a fake created by these liars 5 years ago to try and discredit bloggers who were disagreeing with their positions on the issues and attack bloggers.
    It's deep folks. A truly depraved and evil mind has gone to all this trouble just to be an asshole to bloggers they don't like.
    I wonder what I did in 48 hours to deserve their hate. Nothing. They just like being assholes.
    Be careful out there. Happy blogging.


    The Sleuth did respond:

    I never said you stole my comment. Why are you not willing to admit what you said in that comment you left at Shaw's blog yesterday? What's the mystery?
    Reply Delete
    "Just wondering why you didn't list the comment stolen from me, here."

    I misunderstood your statement.

    Shaw's comment section is closed on that post, Luke. And all I can remember is I linked to 2 other bloggers. If you remember the comment so well, then type it out and let me confirm or deny, if that will make you feel better.
    I wonder how he could misunderstand something I never said? That does it for me, this guy is a liar! He doesn't remember the comment he made yesterday? The only comment he has made in over 5 years. He wants me to regenerate the comment from memory, then write it out. If I remember it so well (more condescending attitude)? Why doesn't he remember it, it was his comment. I told him the comments had been removed. I wonder how many honest people he has ruined? This is the MO of RN. He has a history of attacking blogs and this fake "Sleuth" blog was obviously used to attack blogs.

    I did respond to him:

    "Sorry sir, but the only comment you made was about me. You did mention in your post here about other comments, but I was the only one you commented about on another (Shaw's) blog."

    I did not wait for him to post that response, but that's what I wrote him.
    I will report it to blogger, but nothing will happen. Beware folks!

Welcome to Blog Land

Only 48 hours after starting this blog, I was surfing blogs. I stopped by a blog called Progressive Eruptions. I made a comment and just hours after my comment was published on that blog;  I had that comment stolen and copied to a different blog, I had multiple nasty comments posted to my first post, I had my ID stolen, and got involved in what is truly a deep fight going on between blogs and devious assholes.
I had a blog 4 years ago (during the last presidential election) so I'm not surprised by this childish, nasty treatment, but on the first day I posted my first comment on a blog? Wow! So now I have to write against the perception (because someone already stole my ID) that I'm just another one of their assholes. These people must be teaching Trump lessons on how to win friends and influence people.
Shaw (Progressive Eruptions) seems nice, yet, she posts comments from IMHO who left the nasty messages on my first post, then warned me about a guy named Tom (who was not the one who stole my comment)  and then posts comments from an ID called A Proud Progressive, who was the one that stole my comment from Progressive Eruptions and posted it on other blogs as if they wrote it. See what I'm getting at here? It's deep and devious.
The backstabbing, deceit and nastiness is a reflection of the anger and nastiness in this election mostly emanating from Donald Trump and some far left Sanders supporters. Trump is flaming this shit and we have already seen blood spilled on the streets of the United States because of it. And like Trump, they pretend to be serious, implying an intelligence that clearly is not there.
I'm not even going to try and figure who's who and I don't really care. Everyone's motives and identities are suspect when these kind of dirty fights go on. This has obviously been going on in their little world for years and seems to be part of their fun.
I will post whatever comments I receive, no matter how despicable, and let my readers see the depth of the bullshit. I have set moderation in case someone wants to post child porn, or worse on my blog, but otherwise go ahead and Speak Your Mind!   

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

More Insanity From Trump

As the saying goes, continuing to do the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, is insane.
So Trump rolled out his version of trickle down economics. Cutting taxes and raising spending. Apparently expecting growth from tax cuts to increase income enough to pay for his trillion dollar plans. It would be laughable, if not for the reality that Americans have fallen for this economic insanity for over 30 years. The reality is, that economic thinking has failed every time it has been tried and left us with multi-trillion dollar debts.
I guess we should expect this kind of economic insanity from a guy who has had his businesses end in bankruptcy multiple times, yet, considers himself a successful businessman. I have to wonder whatever happened to the idea that we have to invest money to make money and cut our indebtedness. It really does come down to simple math, but I guess his college did not teach such simple tactics.
It wasn't just rich people who have had their taxes cut over the last 30 years, and we can't pay off our debt by just taxing the rich. So Clinton's economic plans are just as flawed, even if the Democrats win majority besides the White House. Getting rid of corporate welfare and tax cuts will bring in 100's of millions of dollars, but that still leaves a huge debt compared to Clinton's trillion dollar spending plans. The choice is what you prefer government to spend your tax money on, no matter how much the debt is increased.
I'm sure glad I won't be alive to pay for this financial mess, and glad my votes did not support such insane financial tactics that created this financial mess.  

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Do Nothing Congress

Congress's popularity ratings have been below 15 percent national approval for years now, and at some points in the single digits. There is a clear failure of legislation addressing the problems of the nation. Republicans have had majority for years, so much of the blame is theirs. Obstructing Obama is not their only duty, although, they have stated that is their only goal. If Clinton wins without gaining majority, it seems Republican strategy will not change. An unhealthy strategy for America and an irresponsible strategy for the majority in power (Republicans).
Republicans not only have majority in national government, but in many States. Yet, the laws they are passing in those States are being found unconstitutional in our courts (their voting laws, abortion laws, and many other laws). If the laws Republicans are passing are being found unconstitutional in the courts are they a reflection of their constituents? If so, then we should be happy that our courts are working as they should and protecting the rights of all Americans. The court did turn down Obama's immigration presidential decree, but upheld the ACA law that passed Congress. A guide to compromise and Congressional legislation being the best way to govern. 
Obstructionism is not in the tradition of what's best for America. No matter how difficult the compromise, compromise is the key to getting things done and progressing the country. If you think the compromises now are tough, imagine compromising on slavery to get a constitution ratified. That compromise caused a Civil War 80 years later, but we had a nation under law that gave basic rights. That law (the constitution)  had an amendment process in hopes that future Americans would improve on the work of the founders. Part of the foresight and genius of the founders was, they knew their law was flawed and not sufficient for the generations to come. They knew their good words were not even a reality in their own time. Yet, they were smart enough to make amending the constitution hard. A guide to making sure any changes would truly reflect a majority of Americans.
There is a good argument that when the public is so at odds politically; might not be a good time for the majority to pass laws that end up being unconstitutional and/or unpopular. I certainly would not favor this time of diametrically opposing political views a time for a constitutional convention to rewrite and/or amend the constitution, as many have called for. Although, history tells us the first constitutional convention had opposing political views much harsher than today. I believe history also shows those founders had an enlightenment and intelligence our representatives do not show today.
Working through all these rules has given our Congress the reputation of being slow, and Congress changing their procedural rules hasn't made it any better.
One thing I agree with the political pundits on, is this election shows the people want change. We must be careful that this public frustration does not lead us on a path away from the basics of our constitution. We have to rely on our courts to be the check and balance, so it's more important than ever that our courts act as unbiased and unpolitical.   

Thursday, August 4, 2016

The War on ISIS

As I write this, the president is about to give a press conference. The press conference is about the progress on the war on ISIS.
Few people know, because the media is to busy covering every idiot thing Trump says, that we are pounding ISIS.
You won't here about that on NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, and certainly not FOX. If you seek out the information on the progress on the war, it is readily available. It's amazing the right hasn't said a word about it, especially since they are claiming Obama is doing nothing about ISIS, which of course, is just another lie about Obama from the Republicans.
Obama is prosecuting the war exactly as he said he would and is having great success. ISIS is basically beaten on the field. Their tactics are changing because of their defeats on the field. It's the attacks around the world by small groups sometimes individuals that make the news and are killing people.
We are at war. If you want to criticize the president on how he is prosecuting the war, then you have to know what is actually happening. While Trump was making headlines with his vitriol, our soldiers killed 250 of the enemy in one attack.
And where are all those Republican pro military activists? No cheers for our victories? No cheers for our brave soldiers? How about it Sen. McCain?
So back to the Republicans bitching about Obama doing nothing about ISIS, while he is winning the war against ISIS. Republicans prove their hypocrisy again. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016


Trump has been trying hard to chase away Republican support. He obviously doesn't like Republicans. Recently he has said he doesn't support Ryan, or McCain and is actively supporting other people for their seats in the upcoming election. McCain and Ryan have halfheartedly supported Trump simply because he is the Republican nominee, as have many other Republicans. They continue to come out and denounce his statements on various issues, including the latest dust up about Mr. and Mrs. Kahn, yet, continue to say he is the only choice to be the next president. Certainly it is a choice of two evils for Republicans, with Hillary being the most evil.
It's the majority of the Republican voters who have put Trump in his position and Republican leadership in their uncomfortable position. Trump is an outsider as a Republican, as much as Sanders was an outsider in the Democratic party. The Republicans chose the outsider, the Democrats did not. That puts Trump at a disadvantage for Republican party unity and getting the most possible votes out of Republicans. Hillary won her party's nomination, but Sander supporters claim they won't vote for her and decades of negative Hillary feelings within the Democratic party towards Hillary means she won't get the most available democratic votes. That negativity towards Hillary from within the Democratic party is why she lost to Obama (an unknown) even though she was considered a shoe in to win the Democratic nomination in 2008.
This will leave the undecided vote (at a high of 20%) to decide who the winner will be. That's one of the only normal facts about this election. The undecided voters often decide who will be president. I doubt a huge democratic voter turnout (which hasn't appeared during the primary's)  can make up that 20% undecided vote. Those undecided voters seem to be in the same quandary,  which candidate is less evil, which candidate do they dislike more.
Democrats are hoping Trump's big mouth will get those undecided voters to go with Hillary, but there is no sign that is happening. The "Teflon Don" has yet to say something that has changed the mind of those undecided voters. The undecided percentage hasn't changed in months. Even the negative comments from Republican leaders about Trump hasn't had an effect on the undecided number. The traditional ideal of what a president should be characteristically doesn't seem to matter. As repulsive as Trump can be, that hasn't changed the undecided voters, yet. Similarly, all the negativity about Hillary hasn't changed that undecided number. These undecided voters will probably not vote, or make up their minds as they vote. Just make a pick, like pin the tail on the donkey. It's a crummy choice in their eyes.
As for me; my State will go big for Hillary, so I probably won't vote. If I was in a State that was close, I would vote for Hillary based only on my repulsion for Trump. I am not a Hillary fan. Good luck with your choice, undecideds.