Saturday, January 28, 2017

Who Will Fight?

Mrs. Clinton did not attend the woman's march , but she thanked them.
Sen. Warren voted for Dr. Ben Carson. A vote that cannot be defended.
Grass roots street protests with no input from Democratic leadership are happening everyday.
Democratic leadership has decided to pick and choose their fights with president Trump and the Republican majority. As I wrote before, this is a constant fight, not a situation where we can pick and choose our fights with the president, or the Republicans.
It's obvious the only way to stop Trump's actions is in the courts. Every order, every piece of legislation, every action must be confronted in a court of law.
Republicans could care less about legality and neither does the president. Much of what the president has already signed, is unconstitutional.
Immigration officials started arresting travelers today. Without Democratic leadership protesters started showing up at airports and civil liberty attorneys brought a demand of stopping that action. Trump's ban on immigration plan has been frozen by a judge, and that is a nationwide order. Legal action stopped Trump's unconstitutional order.
That's not the end of it, it only freezes actions until the court can have a full hearing on the matter.
Democrats are not pushing back against Trump's orders, or his nominees, or his legislative plans. Two Republicans are the loudest (McCain and Graham) protesters against Trump and the most public.
Good for the protesters! Bad for the Democratic leaders, again they are missing in action. I guess they are sitting somewhere drawing pictures of Trump as Hitler and using verbal hate towards Trump, which means nothing.
Get the lawyers ready to bring these unconstitutional presidential orders into a court. We cannot count on Democratic elected officials to do anything. They, like most of their supporters are to busy crying and spreading hate.


  1. New information suggests that the raid in Yemen that claimed the life of Chief Petty Officer William Ryan Owens as well as some civilians, including an American girl, was planned for months by the Obama administration.

    President Trump gave the go-ahead for the mission shortly after taking office, and the mainstream media has been quick to immediately place the blame at his feet

    1. It doesn't help when Trump and Spicer lie about what happened.
      By the way, Trump gave his approval, so any criticism belongs to Trump.
      Trump was sure quick to take credit for the unemployment number, which he had nothing to do with and he called those number fake just a month ago and claimed the real unemployment was 42%.
      It seems Trump's biggest problem is his own big mouth, which has to be checked hourly for lies.
      So which TOM are you?
      Are you Dervish's TOM? Ducky's TOM? RN's TOM?

    2. It's most likely Dog Faced Shaw

  2. Sorry Dog face,
    You don't get to post your delusional Trump/Hitler comparison crap on this blog.